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Patchwork Scarf Sewing Tutorial on

I’m so excited to be here with you today sharing a tutorial for this patchwork scarf.  The scarf is made from the new Dear Stella Emerson fabric line… which I ADORE!  As soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to make something for myself from it. Have you checked out the Dear Stella Fabrics blog? They have lots of great sewing and quilting tutorials, you’ll want to pay them a visit for sure!

Patchwork Scarf Sewing Tutorial on

This scarf measures 52″ x 8 1/2″ which is a bit short as far as scarves go- depending on how you like your scarves, you might want to make it a bit longer. Personally I wanted a shorter scarf as I’m kinda fidgety and long scarves always get in my way.

To make this scarf you’re going to need:

Patchwork Scarf Sewing Tutorial on

-A selection of Fat Quarters of Emerson Fabric cut to 9″ x 6″. For this scarf you’ll need a total of 18 9″ x 6″ pieces. (If you want a longer scarf, increase the number of pieces you cut).

-3 1/2 yards of tiny pom pom trim

Patchwork Scarf Sewing Tutorial on


Begin by sewing 9 of the 9″ x 6″ pieces of fabric together along the 9″ sides- use a 1/4″ seam allowance for the entire project.

Patchwork Scarf Sewing Tutorial on


Vary the placement of your pieces so that no two of the same fabric are next to each other. Press seams open. Repeat for the other 9 pieces of fabric.

Patchwork Scarf Sewing Tutorial on

On one of the sewn strips sew the tiny pom pom trim to the outer edges. To do this it is very helpful to use a cording foot, which will allow the pop pom trim to pass under the presser foot smoothly. Your sewing the straight edge of the trim to the raw edge of the fabric.

Be patient- the stuff can be a bit persnickety but it’s worth it.

Pin the two sewn strips together, right sides together. Stitch together along the same stitching line you used to attach the pom pom trim. Leave a 6″ opening on one side to turn the scarf right side out.

Turn the scarf right side out and press. You most likely will need to use a pressing cloth on the trim, test a scrap first to see.

Patchwork Scarf Sewing Tutorial on
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  1. says

    This is such a great summer scarf! I love the contrast pom-pom edging–the little tiny pompoms just make everything so much cuter. And the fabric is great as well, classic but fun. :) Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  2. Sarah Helene says

    FAB PATCHWORK FABRIC SCARF sewn with lovely colored coordinated prints. The tiny hot pink pompom trim on all edges of 89 inches long adds PIZZAZ! COOL colors of prints from Dear Stella Fabrics — so versatile to wear with many outfits spring, summer & fall! Thanks for this UNIQUE and simple tutorial, Melissa. I plan to phone a couple friends who sew to tell them about your blog. Sarah in Minneapolis


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