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Cookies in a Jar- neighbor gift

I feel like ever since December 1st I’ve been running a marathon.  I was sitting down to blog today and I can’t even remember what I’ve shared with you guys and what I haven’t! I feel like I’ve been sewing and crafting non stop all month, and even for someone who LOVES it, got to be a bit much.

photo via instagram

I know it’s after Christmas but I thought I’d share with you our neighbor treats this year.  We decorated round gingerbread cookies then packaged them up in mason jars.  I used a doily for the top and some bakers twine.  I had the stamp made a few years ago, and it has really come in handy!!

My 16 year old daughter decorated all of the cookies for us.. she drew such cute faces on them and each one was unique. To keep the cookies from sliding around too much in the jars, we put a layer of m&m’s in the bottom.

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  1. Great wrapping and I am loving the M and M’s idea!
    I’m a pretty new stalker, but I love your ideas and quite often bring them into my home!
    Thank you,


  2. Love the m&m idea! And good idea to have a stamp made up to. Not having to reinvent the wheel everywhere. Your daughter did such a cute job on the faces.

  3. i feel the same way! I love that you put these in jars – makes it so much cuter than a paper plate!

  4. This yummy treat looks even yummier wrapped up this way! The addition of the m&ms at the bottom to add some color as well as more yum is a fantastic idea!

  5. Everything you said in that first paragraph….ditto! I still feel like i am on a merry go round. Time to settle down and relax and realize I can’t join every swap, bee and QAL!
    ps…nice gifts for the neighbors

  6. Adorable Melissa! So are all of your beautiful quilts. Congratulations on pulling out all the stops!

  7. I just gave you the versatile blogger award -http://jamesandleighann.blogspot.com/2012/01/versatile-blogger.html

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