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Chenille Star Banner Pattern; DIY 4th of July Decorations

Hi Guys! I’ve got a fun small sewing project for you today! This DIY 4th of July Banner tutorial.  Amy from Ameroonie Designs is back with us again, this time to share a tutorial for a Chenille Star-Banner. If you’re looking for some fun DIY 4th of July Decorations, then I think you’ll love this pattern!

Chenille Star Banner Sewing Tutorial, a free 4th of July Craft idea, makes such a cute fourth of July decoration! #4thofjuly #4thofjulycrafts #4thofjulysewing #smallsewingproject

Can someone have too many banners? I often ask myself this question, and the answer is always a resounding, “NO!” I love adding them to gallery walls, as part of seasonal decorations, in place of a wreath on a door- there are just so many ways to use a banner.

Today I’m going to share with you the pattern to make this small patriotic banner decorated with a faux chenille star.

4th of July Banner Supplies

Cutting Directions

Two 9″ X 12″ rectangles from banner fabric

One 8 3/4″ X 11 3/4″ rectangle from stabilizer

Six 6″ stars from white fabric- print pattern for the star I used here

**IMPORTANT- you need to make sure the star is going with the grain so you can fray the threads later, the top point should be placed so it is going with the grain (lined up with the selvage edge of the fabric).

How to Make a Faux Chenille Star

Chenille Star Banner Sewing Tutorial, a free 4th of July Craft idea, makes such a cute fourth of July decoration! #4thofjuly #4thofjulycrafts #4thofjulysewing #smallsewingproject

I cut all the stars at once, pinning the pattern to the layers of fabric at each of the points and using a sharp pair of scissors to cut right through the pattern and the fabric at the same time.

You could do this with 3 layers at a time as well, just print the pattern off twice.

How to Sew the Banner

Fuse the stabilizer to one of the banner rectangles. Place the two banner pieces right sides together. Mark a line 3″ up from the bottom on both sides of the rectangles, make another mark at the center of the bottom of the rectangles.

Connect these points to create the point of your banner and trim away the excess fabric. I find it’s easiest to do this using a rotary blade and ruler, but you can also draw the lines and use scissors to cut off the bottom two corners.

Chenille Star Banner Sewing Tutorial, a free 4th of July Craft idea, makes such a cute fourth of July decoration! #4thofjuly #4thofjulycrafts #4thofjulysewing #smallsewingproject

Pin around the banner. Mark a section at the top 4-5″ wide to leave open for turning right side out. Also, mark 3/4″ down from the top on both sides of the banner.

This is to mark openings for the dowel to slide into.

Sew along the top using a 1/4″ seam allowance, from the edge to the first mark for opening, back stitch.

Resume sewing on the other side of the turning opening- again backstitch, until you reach the end of the top. Begin sewing down one side starting at the mark 3/4″ down, backstitch.

Sew around the point and back up, stopping at the 3/4″ mark again. Backstitch. Clip corners and points and turn right side out, press out the seams.

Topstitch across the top, closing the opening for turning.

Topstitch around the body of the banner, starting where the opening for the dowel ends, going around the bottom and point and up to where the dowel opening starts on the other side.

Attach Star to Banner:

Center your star on the front of the banner, lining up all the layers. Mark your lines for sewing. I marked the center line of the star first, and then marked the next line 3/4″ on both sides, then repeat marking lines 3/4″ away until you have the whole star marked.

If your points are going to be lost because of where your lines are, mark lines at the points to keep them intact.

Chenille Star Banner Sewing Tutorial, a free 4th of July Craft idea, makes such a cute fourth of July decoration! #4thofjuly #4thofjulycrafts #4thofjulysewing #smallsewingproject

I also find that it’s helpful to mark between the sewing lines so you have a guide when you’re cutting the stars to create the chenille look. I mark this line with a dotted line so I don’t get confused when I’m sewing.

Sew down the solid marked lines using a short stitch length and backstitching at the beginning and end of each line.

Take a pair of sharp fabric scissors and slide them through all the layers of the stars cutting down the center mark between the sewn lines, be careful not to cut through the banner.


Now for the fun part!! Fray your star by pulling the threads from all the layers of your stars. This will take a while. Settle in with a good movie and a small pair of scissors to help you along.

I didn’t fray as heavily in areas where I wanted to maintain the shape, but on the longer lines, I tried to fray most of all the layers to give it a nice fluffy look.

Chenille Star Banner Sewing Tutorial, a free 4th of July Craft idea, makes such a cute fourth of July decoration! #4thofjuly #4thofjulycrafts #4thofjulysewing #smallsewingproject

Slide the dowel through the openings at the top and add a string or ribbon for hanging. I also decorated mine with tassels, but you don’t have to. This banner is sure to be a fun addition to all your patriotic decor!

About the Maker:

Amy Chappell Bio Photo

Hi! My name is Amy Chappell and I blog over at Ameroonie Designs. I currently live in Utah with my husband and 6 kids. I love being a mom but needed an outlet that would give me something to do that stayed done, enter sewing and creating. Love the satisfaction of taking fabric and ideas and making something new. I also love that blogging has given me a way to meet new people and find a community of amazing people who love fabric and sewing as much as I do.
Ameroonie Designs

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