In be “tween” Skirt Tutorial

Tween Skirt Sewing Tutorial on

As my children have grown I’ve tried to adapt my sewing projects to grow with them.  This year my youngest turned 13,  when the kids were younger I used to sew for them voraciously.   I loved making little dresses and skirts for my girls for all of their special occasions, and just for every day…. 

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Polka Dot Fold Over Clutch Tutorial (with custom stenciled fabric)

Polka Dot & Leather Fold Over Clutch Sewing Tutorial on

It was a long and horrible winter, have you heard??? I’m sure you didn’t hear me complain about the cold dark winter at all huh?!? (ha! who are we kidding?) The winter started early and lasted FOREVER, in fact we are under a freeze warning today…. AUGHH! Totally NOT normal for Kentucky… but I digress…. 

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Glitz Polka Dot Fabric Giveaway

Girls Polka Dot Skirt on

With my youngest daughter now almost 13, finding appropriate Sunday clothes has become a challenge.  She’s stuck in that “inbetween” spot. Too small for teenager clothes, but wanting something more grown up than the kids stuff. I’ve started sewing up a bunch of things for her to wear to church this summer. This skirt is… 

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Scallop Bunting Tutorial by Family Ever After


Hello friends! I’m so happy to be here today on Melissa’s blog to share in her polka dot series. My name is Rachel and I blog mainly about sewing, at Family Ever After. Feel free to stop by and “join the family!” blog…rss…facebook…pinterest…twitter…instagram My husband and I recently went on a trip to Paris to celebrate our… 

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Polka Dot Cupcakes by Girl. Inspired.

Polka Dot Cupcakes by girl. inspired.

Hi there! It’s Stef, from Girl. Inspired. I absolutely love polka dots and this Project Polka Dot series, and I am thrilled to share with you today! I could probably stick polka dots on every project I make for the rest of my life and be a happy camper! Today, I’m sharing the easiest polka… 

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DIY Spring Polka Dot Planters by Mom 4 Real

DIY Spring Polka Dot Planters

Hey, hey Polka Dot loving peeps! I’m Jessica from Mom 4 Real, and I am so excited to be here hanging out at The Polka Dot Chair! I am absolutely obsessed with polka dots and have been since I was little! It’s finally spring time here in Kentucky, and I am ready to infuse my… 

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DIY Polka Dot Chain Bracelet by Flamingo Toes

Polka Dot Chain Bracelet by Flamingo Toes

Hello Polka Dot Chair readers! My name is Bev and I blog over at Flamingo Toes. I am so excited to be here for Project Polkadot! This is such a fun series – I have already added a ton of projects to my to-do list! This Spring I have been all about the color combo… 

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Polka Dot Chocolate Bunnies by Bee in Our Bonnet

Polka Dot Chocolate Bunnies by

Hello! I’m Ashleigh from Bee in Our Bonnet, I’m so excited to be part of the Polka Dot Project!  Everything is better with polka dots (or bacon), so it’s not hard to think of something to add polka dots to. I’ve got Easter on the brain this time of year!   I know I did… 

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Polka Dot Pouch by Knitty Bitties

Polka Dot & Leather Zip Pouch by Knitty Bitties

Hi, I’m Andrea from Knitty Bitties Project Polka Dot? Uhm, I’m sorry, but if that showed up in YOUR inbox would you not say, Yes please! When & Where? Well if you wouldn’t then I’m not sure we can be friends … because I LOVE polka dots that much, it *might* just be a deal… 

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Pom Pom Polka Dot Pillow by A Girl and a Glue Gun

Pom Pom Polka Dot Pillow by a Girl and a Glue Gun

HI! I’m Kimbo! and i’m SUPER DUPER EXCITED to be here!!!!!! polka dots are one of my favorite things! really! most of my clothes have polka dots (polka dots…paint splatters same thing)…and i have a polka dot SOMETHING in every room of my house. i love them! So i was so excited to do a… 

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Printable Pom Pom Polka Dot Party Hats

Printable Pom Pom Polka Dot Party Hats on

Since it’s been a “polka dot party” all month long on this blog, I figured it would be appropriate to make some Polka Dot Party hats to celebrate!!  Do you like alliteration? If so you’ll love these printable, pom-pom, polka dotted party hats!  (Whew, that’s a mouthful!!)   I’m sharing these party hats as a… 

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