Fabric Reorganized.

how to organize fabric

I have this great IKEA Expedit bookcase in my Craft Room.  I’ve been using it to store fabric for a few years, but never really have any rhyme or reason as to how I put fabric on it.

photo from this post about my room

After taking Jeni’s color class at the Sewing Summit in 2011, I was convinced to reorganize it by color.

I took ALL of the fabric off of the bookcase and began folding it using my quilt ruler. It was a HUGE undertaking… my arms were sore for days!  You can see a tutorial here on how to do that. Using this method  gives you even sized piles of fabric and makes for a much neater appearance.

fabric organized by color

It is so much better now!!! I was so hestiant to orgainze it by color — after it was done I wondered why I hesitated so much.  All of the fabric with a few exceptions (holidays, large feature prints) is now neatly stacked…

Observation:  I don’t like purple… I’ve only got a few prints and they are mixed in with the pinks.. I really really like blue though (that one surprised me).

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  1. WHA? Don’t like PURPLE? Well…I’m willing to overlook it on account of how prettily your stash is organized. 😀

  2. Your room is beautiful! One day I will have a space where I can organize all of my fabric and sewing goodies. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I re-organized my fabrics by color and used Jeni’s method for folding and love the outcome. It does give you an idea of what colors you have been collecting and readily shows what you have on hand. Your stash looks great and I love that Imagine is mis-spelled!

  4. I just made your twirly dolly skirt. I made it all flat with the back seam not closed until the waist band was on and the elastic was in. So much easier than trying to sew the gathered skirt to a waistband in a tight circle. Like your creativity.

  5. Love the way it looks!
    One comment on the plethora of blue….you really like blue OR you don’t like it and say to yourself—I’d better get some blue to balance my stash! The question isn’t about how much you have, it’s how much you Use! Have a great day!

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