30+ Things to Make with Fabric Scraps

Sewing with fabric scraps is not only economical, but it can also be fun and creatively challenging too! Looking for project ideas? Here are more than 30 cute things to make with your fabric scraps.

This Spring I decided that my sewing room desperately needed to be cleaned. Things needed to be thrown out or donated and old projects needed to be organized.

While going though this process I relaized that I have an overwhelming amount of fabric scraps. I decided that this year I was going to make more of an effort to use up those scraps.

How to Organize Fabric Scraps

Right now I keep all of my fabric scraps in a laundry basket under my sewing table. I know that’s not the best solution. I keep my larger cuts of fabric organized by color (you can see my system here). If you’re looking for ideas for keeping the scraps organized then you might like this article by Amy explaining how she deals with her fabric scraps.

What Can I Make out of Scrap Fabric?

If you also find yourself with a lot of scraps and are wondering what to make with fabric scraps, I’ve rounded up loads of fun ideas for you to try today!

Many of these projects are also great for kids and teens who love to sew. When I was younger my grandma used to let me “play” with all of her fabric scraps to make clothes for my dolls. It helped to instill a love of sewing in me at a young age.

Scrap Fabric Projects

Use up some of the fabric scraps taking over your sewing space by making one of these cute projects!

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  1. Thank you for putting all these wonderful scrappy ideas in one place. My granddaughter may be visiting this summer and she may like to make one or more of these projects. I have lots of scraps. 🙂

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