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Santa Mason Jar Christmas Gift Idea

Today I am sharing this fun Santa Mason Jar Christmas Gift with you. I’ve even included a printable Christmas gift tag!

Santa Christmas Mason Jar gift idea

I love to give simple yet cute Christmas gifts and think of clever ways to package them. This DIY Santa Mason jar would make a great teacher gift or neighbor gift! I’ve also included a few other Mason Jar Christmas craft ideas.

I filled mine with red licorice bites, but you can pick any red candy (like chocolates with red candy wrappers) you like.

If you like the Santa Mason jar, then you might also like the rest of the holiday jars “family”. I’ve also created Reindeer Mason Jars, Elf Jars, Angel Jars, and Snowman Jar gifts.

Mason Jar Santa Claus

Santa Mason Jar Craft Supply List

 Click each item to purchase:

  • Mason Jar 
  • 1-Inch Wide Ribbon, Black Satin
  • Fashion Buckle – Gold Metallic – 1” (you can buy these very inexpensively at a craft store in the notions section OR make your own, instructions below) OR
  • Gold Cardstock (for the buckle, if not using a metal buckle, you can cut it out with scissors or a craft knife)
  • White Cardstock to Print the Tags OR
  • Avery Tags –   These are my FAVORITE Christmas wrapping items. No cutting out tags; they are perforated, and you can put them in your printer to make your own Santa tags.
  • Believe Tag: Due to the popularity of the tags, I have simplified the process for you to get ALL of my Christmas Mason Jar craft git tags.
  • Scissors

How to Get the Christmas Gift Tags

The Ultimate Christmas Tag Bundle offers ALL of the Christmas tags (including the one for this craft) plus a bonus of 5 other tags that are not offered with any other project! (including Santa, Reindeer, Merry Christmas, Snowman etc).  

A link to download the file yourself will be sent to you immediately after you complete your purchase.  This file includes versions of the tags formatted for BOTH cardstock and pre-scored Avery Tags.

The Christmas Tag Bundle Includes:

  • Snowman Gift Tags
  • Holly Jolly Christmas Gift Tags
  • Merry Christmas Tags
  • Elf Tags
  • Santa Tags
  • Round Tags
  • Reindeer Tags
  • Nail Polish Gift Tags
  • Baking Gift Tags (4 styles)
  • Angel Gift Tags (and wing cutout)

How to Make a Santa Belt Buckle from Cardstock

Cute Thanksgiving Pilgrim Mason Jar Gift Idea, would be cute for a hostess or teacher gift.

Note: If you can’t find gold buckles, you can use Metallic Cardstock.

To make the buckle, cut a 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ square from black cardstock. Using a paper trimmer or Exacto or craft knife, cut two slits in the square to feed the ribbon through. The cuts should be 1″ long.

Then, simply feed the black ribbon through the buckle.

Assembly Instructions

Step One: Fill with Candy

Fill your mason jar with red candy. A few ideas include Licorice, red M&M’s, red gumballs, or peppermint candies.

After you have filled your jar with red candy, secure it with the lid that came with the Mason Jar.

Step Two: Attach the Santa Belt

Next, cut a piece of black ribbon slightly larger than the mason jar circumference.

Feed your Santa Buckle through the ribbon.

Then use a hot glue gun to secure the ends of the ribbon on the back of the jar.

Step Three: Attach the Tags to the Santa Jar

Print out the Santa Tags, tie it to the jar with twine, sign the back, and you’re done!

Note: if you’re printing directly on the Avery Tags, make sure you have your printer set to print at “100% or actual size”. Also, ensure your printer does not add any margins to the document.


If you’d like to make smaller mason jars, you can too! They would be equally cute, and you wouldn’t need to buy as much candy.

More Mason Jar Christmas Crafts

Elf Mason Jar

Snowman Mason Jar

Rudolph Reindeer Mason Jar

Mason Jar Sewing Kit

Angel Christmas Jar Gift

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  1. So adorable and easy too! This is a great idea for neighbor gifts. Can’t wait to make a bunch! Thanks for the great idea.

  2. LOVE this! Think I will get the smaller jars and fill with red foiled kisses and bribe er I mean give the teachers along with a gift card.

  3. Adorable idea 🙂 thanks for sharing! I also love the font you used for the label-would you share the name of it?

  4. I love this idea for coworkers but can’t find the buckles anywhere…..any ideas? I’ve checked Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and online.

    1. Also if you can’t find the buckles (mine are from Joann’s) try using gold metallic card stock cut in a square then slit the square so you can feed a ribbon through it.

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  12. Just hit the back button on your browser then the green download button. Also make sure you are not on an iPhone or iPad. Some safari users have reported a problem but I can’t fix it… the software I use was updated and there is a glitch.I’m waiting for a new update. My only other option is to take the downloads down, which I know no one wants me to do. If you just hit back on your browser it will work fine.

    1. I am having the same problem. The file being downloaded from the green button is called “link-expired.txt” and doesn’t open to the images. I’m using internet explorer from a desktop computer. When I hit the back key, it leaves the printables page and goes to the mason jar craft directions page… any other suggestions to help?

      1. Just click the green button again… you may not need to hit the back button if the window is still open.

        1. Hi I downloaded the My Scrapnook and the believe and the other tags you have pictured are not there. That was a waste of my time

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