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25+ Christmas Neighbor Gift Ideas with Printables

Looking for some creative and simple ideas for Neighbor gifts this Christmas season? We’ve rounded up more than 25 easy to assemble gifts. Each one of these neighbor gift ideas has a printable or printable gift tag to go along with it.

The holiday season is coming up, I want to share with you some of my favorite neighbor gift ideas. These printables make for quick and simple neighbor gifts for everyone in your neighborhood.

Each year I try to take simple gifts to my friends, church community, and neighbors. To me, it’s a simple way to say “thank you” for being in our lives this year.

To be honest, most years I stress myself out more about WHAT to take to people than I should. I usually feel the need to come up with something “new and creative”. I’ve realized over the years that I don’t always need to do that.

Our Christmas Gift Delivery Traditions

Being the “Christmas procrastinator” that I am, I find myself frequently scrambling in the last few days before Christmas to get all of our gifts done and delivered. One year we had ALL of our deliveries to do on Christmas Eve and I was super stressed (had to get home to make dinner etc).

We put on Christmas music in the car and let the kids dress up in all of their crazy Christmas attire. They each took turns placing the gifts on our friend’s porches. It turned out to be SO MUCH FUN.

It was also a great way to keep anxious kids preoccupied on Christmas Eve! We came home had dinner, and everyone went to bed. So much better than the years previous where kids were bouncing off the walls with excitement.

After that, it became our annual tradition to deliver treats on Christmas Eve (we even take the dog with us sometimes!). We’ve had to switch it to New Year’s Eve a few times, due to travel, but it’s something that we all look forward to every year now.

Should keep some spare undesignated Christmas gifts handy to give to neighbors or friends who might stop by with a gift for you?

We usually don’t do this. The reason is, our family tradition is to deliver friend and neighbor gifts on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. If someone drops something by for us, we just make sure to gift them something when we do our deliveries. In my opinion, you can look like you’re caught off guard if you go grab a gift out of a basket for them. It’s better to deliver it in person at a later date.

What if your Neighbors do not Celebrate Christmas?

I love to spread cheer for New Year as well. In fact, for the last two years, our family has gifted boxes of donuts to our friends on New Year’s Eve. If you have friends and neighbors that do not celebrate Christmas, drop something off for the New Year instead.

25+ Simple & Clever Neighbor Christmas Gifts & Ideas

If you’re a mom, I’m guessing you might be a bit overwhelmed by all of the Holiday prep ahead of you. You probably also don’t want to take on a big DIY craft either. Especially if you have multiple people to create gifts for.

If you’re stumped for ideas for what to take to friends & neighbors this year. I’ve rounded up more than 25 ideas for you. Things like Cute Christmas Mason Jar gifts, labels for homemade treats and cookies! Some are crazy simple, some are a bit more involved. Each one of them would make a great gift for that special person on your list.

Most come with free printables, but a few have paid ones. I never mind supporting a fellow small business owner and figured you would not mind either!

Neighbor Gift Ideas with Printable Tags

Say Merry Christmas with one of these inexpensive gift ideas.

All of these creative neighbor gift ideas are simple to put together and can be made inexpensively. Some are serious and some are a bit "punny". I hope you find something you like on the list! gifts.

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