Patchwork Quilt with Sarah Jane Fabric


I thought I’d share with you guys today a few photos of a quilt I made my youngest daughter for Christmas.  I’ve shared it with you briefly before as part of my handmade Christmas quilt along, but never really posted many pictures of the finished quilt.


This week Amy posted photos of her very purpley quilt  and it reminded me that I had not shared these photos yet.  We both were talking about how much we loved the Sarah Jane Studios fabric. The illustrations are so sweet and seem to personify the idyllic childhood I think that we all wish for our kids.


I combined the Sarah Jane fabric with several different 30’s reproduction prints.  I love how the the fabrics all came together.


Thrown in are a few squares of Heather Ross fabric, the little girl playing with the horses reminded me so much of my cute Kentucky girl, I had to use some of it.

The quilt is made from 6″ squares, I fussy cut many of them to show off the illustrations.  The back is flannel. Now that the quilts been in use for a few months (and washed more than a dozen times) I think I love it even more, it just gets softer!


Also… I’m thinking of hosting the Quilt Along again this year- anyone in???


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  1. I probably need to participate. I Participated last year with the goal to make a quilt for each of my 6 kids. I finished 5 of them but have 1 more to go. I have been looking at the stack of fabric I pulled to make it with but have been stuck on design. Doing some back to school sewing right now and then was gonna start cutting for that last quilt. You were so motivating last year and I would not have accomplished making those quilts without you…thank you!

    1. I’m so impressed you made 5 quilts! Getting 3 done just about did me in! I’ll be doing the Quilt Along again, I just need to sit down and sketch out some ideas.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt! I have recently become a huge fan of Sarah Jane. Her fabrics tell a story. I have used the Dolls in Cream and Lilac Garden fabrics as Sensory Ribbon Blnakets. Oh-I look forward to her new line out in August! That is a quilt I would buy!!!! Beautiful!

  3. I just bought the boy collection of the Sarah Jane fabrics last week to make my son a quilt for Christmas. I have 4 quilts to make so I thought I should get started sooner rather than later. Darling quilt. I’d lime to do a quilt along.

    1. I’m planning another quilt along this year for sure- I love her fabric, the ones with the little boys are adorable!

  4. This quilt is absolutely gorgeous! You are one talented lady! Love the sweet little pinwheel fabrics you used!

  5. I am new to quilting but I want to make a quilt like this for my brother. Were the squares 6 inches to start or 6 inches once sewn? What size bed would this fit?

    1. To be honest I don’t remember – I made it so many years ago. If they were 6″ to start they are 5 1/2″ after they are sewn. It won’t fit a bed, it’s more a throw size

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