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10 T-Shirt Dress Sewing Patterns

Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes a big change in the temperature. We live in a very humid climate, and I’ve been wondering what I want to wear this summer. It got me thinking about how versatile t-shirt dresses are, and I was curious what t-shirt dress sewing patterns are available online. I’ve done a bit of research and have 10 clever tee shirt dress patterns to share with you today!

10 T-Shirt Dress Sewing Patterns

A few years ago, I wrote a tutorial for a simple t-shirt dress for the Riley Blake Blog. In my t-shirt dress tutorial, I instruct you to create your own sewing pattern from an existing t-shirt. I know that not everyone is comfortable with drafting their own sewing pattern, so I thought that I’d give you some suggestions if you’d like to buy a pattern to make a similar dress.

10 T-Shirt Dress Sewing Patterns for Women and Girls

Sewing Tutorial to make a simple knit T-Shirt dress by Melissa Mortenson of PolkadotChair.com

1. Simple T-Shirt Dress. This straightforward T-shirt dress tutorial is made by tracing an existing shirt.

Here are 9 other patterns with a similar (but not exact) style to the one in my tutorial for you to try.

Coco Dress by Tilly and the Buttons

2.  Coco by Tilly and the Buttons. I’ve made this dress several times and have been pleased with how it has turned out each time. I think it’s a great pattern for teens or tweens.

woman in red dress

3. Belgravia Knit Dress by Liesel + Co. This versatile pattern can be sewn from a Ponte knit (a heavyweight knit) to dress it up a bit!

4. Lito from Seamwork Patterns. The quintessential t-shirt dress pattern. I love the bound collar and striped knit they used in this example.

woman in gray dress on white background

5. Everyday Dress by It’s Always Autumn– This looks like the perfect “go to” summer t-shirt dress! Autumn walks you though the construction steps and gives a few suggestions for different ways to customize the dress as well.

woman in striped dress on blue background

6. Romy Top- Tilly & The Buttons. This dress is on my to-make list! I adore the tie in the back, and it elevates this simple silhouette to something extraordinary.

Dress by Go To Patterns

7. Anywhere Dress by Go ToPatterns. Such a cute short sleeve dress for girls! These would be amazing to wear all summer.

Upcycle a T-shirt into a girls maxi dress with this sewing tutorial. A free pattern for a t-shirt maxi dress on polkadotchair.com

8. We have 3 fun summer dress patterns on our site. First up is the Summer Maxi Dress Made from a T-Shirt. This dress is SO EASY to make. All you need is a t-shirt and a couple of yards of fabric.

Maxi Dress Tutorial

I also have a version that is created using knit fabrics that feature a drawstring waistband.

How to sew a summer sundress using two t-shirts- a cute t-shirt DIY refashion project.

This version is made using two t-shirts!

Dress by Blank Slate Patterns

9. Shoreline Boatneck by Blank Slate Patterns. This dress is loosely fitted so you can wear it casually, or dress it up a bit with the addition of a belt.

10. The Everyday Dress by MADE. This dress is shown stitched up in woven fabrics, you can, however, also make the dress using knit fabrics. Dana has several examples of it sewn in knits on her blog.

If you’re not really sure about sewing with knits be sure to check our guide to the types of knit fabrics and tips for sewing with knits!

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  1. Yes you can use knit fabric as a substitute for woven fabric. You may need to adjust the ease if you want a more fitted look since woven patterns allow more ease. Perfect for your favorite pattern if you like knits but have no pattern specifically for knits. It also works for using wovens for a pattern requiring knits. You must add ease. Great for learning using doll clothes patterns. I have a pants pattern I used for a knit that was for a woven. Of course it wasn’t as stretchy as most knits. Try it you may need darts or take in the side seams to make it fit properly. Perfect for that knit picked up at the thrift store or in mom’s stash.

    1. That was my guess as I’ve done it before. I own this pattern and might give it a shot to see how it turns out. Thanks so much for your feedback!

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