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Yes, that happened. Someone pinch me.  She can not possibly be old enough to graduate.

Whoa, there is so much going on around here right now that this post could be 20 pages long.  Instead I’ll just “sum up”.

Earlier this week I realized I’ve hit the limit of what I can do when it comes to projects & creative things.  It’s time to call UNCLE!


I’ve have had graduation parties, sewing for ballet recitals, blog project due dates, girls camp for church, work related items, and a book.  Yes,  I’ve been working on a sewing project based book since February of this year.  I’m to the stage of sketching out illustrations, which is stressing me out, as I should have paid more attention to drawing class in high school.    I’ve got a big chunk of the manuscript due this month, then on to editing.  If all goes well it will come out some time in 2014, which is why I haven’t talked about it too much since it’s so far away.


Pretty much it feels to me like the perfect storm of projects all happening at the same time.  This weekend are ballet recitals then next week is girls camp. I’m helping this year and will be there all week.  Last weekend was graduation and all of the activities that go along with it.


Aside from turning 40, my oldest daughter graduated high school in May.   Everyone was asking me how it felt and to be honest I don’t think it has sunk in yet that she’ll be gone at college in the Fall.  Do I feel old? Well yes and no.  In some ways I still think I’m 25 in my head and in some ways I’m starting to realize that time is speeding by at an accelerated clip.  Right now I’m just taking things one day at a time and going to try to enjoy the summer the best I can before she leaves.


I want to share  with you a bit more about our family adventure in NYC, hopefully next week. We are far from experts at navigating NYC, but I’ll share with you a few tips that I’ve picked up traveling with my kids over the years.

This good old blog here will still be updated as much as it usually is.  I’ve got projects for you that I am so excited to share.  Just please be patient with me as I’m trying to balance out blog/book writing/family/church this month.    I’ve decided I’m going to take the week of the 4th of July off to spend some time with my family not stress about content creation for a bit…    Then it will be back to business as usual… I hope *wink*

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  1. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter.
    Congratulations on your upcoming book.
    Congratulations on keeping everything together LOL. I myself am the most unorganized person in the world. I marvel at people like you 🙂

  2. As someone once said to me, “when you are on the inside looking out you still feel 25”. It was the same at 40 as it is now at 75. Congratulations to your daughter on a job well done!!!

  3. I had to smile after reading your blog post. At 40, I too was very involved with projects of all kinds. My dad once referred to that as having too many irons in the fire…oh how I miss the old sage… Well congrats to your daughter, & don’t work too hard 😉

  4. Congratulations & Best Wishes to the Graduate & her family!!! AND she looks just like her Mom.

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