How to Make a Tulip Wreath

Learn how to make a Tulip Wreath

Before I finish blogging about my trip to the Netherlands, I thought I’d pop in here quickly with a little Spring, “How to make a Tulip Wreath” Project.

Feeling inspired by all of the tulips I saw on my trip, I decided to create a wreath for my front door for Spring.  Sadly I had to settle for fake tulips as real ones would not last more than a day, but it made for a quick and fun project.


Learn how to make a Tulip WreathTo begin you will need:

-Grapevine Wreath
-approx 20 tulip stems- I found mine 1/2 off at a local craft store (Dee’s for those of you local) watch for sales they get marked down frequently.
-wire cutters
-burlap ribbon in 2 widths (3″ and 1″)
-floral wire
-hot glue

Learn how to make a Tulip Wreath

I think it’s easiest to begin by making the bow, then attaching it and arranging the flowers around it.

To make the bow,  fold the ribbon over itself twice. Then using floral wire pinch the middle to give it some shape.  Repeat this step again, so that you have a ribbon with 4 loops.

Learn how to make a Tulip Wreath

Do the same thing for the 1″ wide ribbon. Attach the smaller bow to the top of the larger bow.

Place the completed bow onto the wreath using floral wire. Don’t glue it down yet.

Learn how to make a Tulip WreathUsing wire cutters, cut a few tulip stems down.  I cut mine all to varying lengths. Just cut a few at a time, place them on the wreath, then cut a few more.

Learn how to make a Tulip Wreath

Attach a few of the tulips to the grapevine wreath using hot glue.  Begin by clustering them around the bow.  Tuck them under the bow and glue in place.  Leave the leaves on a few of the tulip stems.

Move around the wreath gluing on tulips as you go.

Learn how to make a Tulip Wreath

After you’ve placed about 8 tulips, start placing tulips on the other side of the bow and working in the opposite direction.  Place about 8 more tulips.

With your remaining tulips, fill in the gaps in the wreath.   When you have the wreath looking like you want, hot glue all of the tulips down again (the stems will be poking into the grapevine wreath and should glue down easily).

 Learn how to make a Tulip Wreath

To complete the wreath, take some of your 1″ wide burlap ribbon and loosely wrap it around the wreath, tucking the ends into the bow.

 Learn how to make a Tulip Wreath

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  1. says

    Very beautiful! I would make one but I’m trying not to cover my No Soliciting sign. What I really need to make is a beautiful No Soliciting sign!

  2. says

    I love the wreath. I actually have a question about the adorable lens cap cozy you made last month….where did you get the hooks to attach them to the camera strap? I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

  3. says

    This is so eye-catching! The simplicity is stunning! Also, thank you for taking the time to do this precise, thorough tutorial! I’ll be out looking for some tulips first thing tomorrow. : )

  4. Kathleen OGrady says

    Your wreath is sooo pretty! I have been looking for something for my front door and this is it. I am off to the craft store to make my own. Thanks for sharing.


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