Win, Place & Show Ribbons Centerpiece

DIY Kentucky Derby Decorations
I decided to add a bit to my Kentucky Derby Decorations this year by making some Prize Ribbon to use as a centerpiece.

I used the Number Junque, Spring Circus, Quaterfoil, & Chevron kits from Rhonna Designs.

In Horse Racing, the first place horse Wins, the 2nd place horse Places,  and the 3rd place horse Shows.  Hence;  Win, Place, Show are terms you hear a lot at the track.

I just made simple lollies (or rosettes is that what they are called??) using 3 strips of 12″ wide scrapbook paper.   I have the Martha Stewart scoring board which made the whole job really easy.

A few of the lollies are punched (also a Martha Stewart product) on the edge to give them some decoration.

I hot glued plastic horses on to them… I can’t decide, if the plastic horses are cool, or just taking it a bit too far… but I like ’em. (maybe next year I’ll spray paint them gold *wink*)



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  1. says

    These prize ribbons are gorgeous! I love the colors and punches you used to make them extra fancy. As for the little horses, totally keep them on there. They are the perfect added touch!

  2. sara says

    I just found your website and I love all the cute Derby things you make. I live in Louisville as well and am always looking for new decor for my derby party. Thanks for all the inspiration.


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