Wool Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Today I’m going to share with you how to make Christmas Stockings.  This is our second set of stockings, the ones we had before were to narrow (Santa couldn’t fit a DVD or Wii game in there *wink*) so 3 years ago I decided to make new ones.  2 years ago I bought the fabric and last year I cut them out.  Then FINALLY this year I made them… I should call these the “super simple stockings that only take 3 years to make” *wink*

How to Make Christmas stockings

These stockings are made from Wool Blend Felt.  I purchased the gray wool by the yard at Joann’s.  I purchased the wool felt for the cuffs and toes from Wool Felt Central. A while ago I ordered a sampler pack that came with one of each of their colors and a color chart.  From that I picked the 5 shades that I wanted to use. Each person got a stocking in an unique color.

The yardage you’ll need for each stocking will depend on the size you want to make them. The wool felt from Joann’s is only 36″ wide, so my stockings were not taller than 18″ (1/2 of 36″).  If you want them taller you’ll have to lay out your stocking horizontally across your fabric and will need more fabric. If you lay out your stockings vertically like I did, then plan on about 1/2- 3/4 yard per stocking.

For the cuffs and toes buy 1/4″ yard of each color.

To begin you’ll need a pattern for the stocking.  I used this one just for the shape of the stocking (it was just a bit taller than 18″ so I cut a bit off the top of the pattern piece),  you could also trace an existing stocking.


After you have traced your basic stocking shape you need to cut a toe and heel and cuff.  For the cuff I cut 2 pieces each 5″ tall x 8″ wide (the same width as the top of my stocking) and I just eye balled the toe and heel pieces.  I made a pattern piece from scrap paper so that all of the stockings were consistent.

Next I embroidered each persons name onto the cuff of the stocking.  If you don’t have an embroidery machine you could applique them.

You will also need 1 yard of 2″ wide satin ribbon for each stocking.

Pin and stitch the toe and heel pieces to the stocking front and back. Make sure that you sew them to the right side of each piece. I used grey thread since it would show.

Next sew the right side of the stocking cuff to the WRONG side of each stocking at the top. (all seams are 1/4″). Make sure that you’ve got the stocking facing the way that you want to (i.e. does the toe point to the left or the right, it’s your preference just make sure they are all the same).

On the stocking front piece, fold your 1 yd of ribbon in half and stitch into the seam between the cuff and the stocking.

Next sew the stocking front and back together, starting and stopping at the seam between the cuff and the stocking (don’t sew the side seams of the cuff yet).

Clip “v” shapes into all of the curves of the seam on the stocking seam allowance. This will allow for a nice curve when the stocking is turned right side out.

Next stitch AGAIN on the same seam around the stocking. This is done to reinforce the stocking as the wool has a tendency to let the stitches unpick easily.

Turn the stocking right side out.

Fold the cuffs up.  Pin right sides of the cuffs together and stitch. Make sure you back stitch.

Fold the cuff down.

Press the stocking using a pressing cloth to prevent iron shine.

Clip strings and you’re done!


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