Patchwork Quilted Pillows

Patchwork Quilted Star Pillows on


What? Doesn’t everyone post Christmas projects in February?  Sorry to throw you for a loop there *wink*. This project was the victim of the great technology meltdown of December 2013.  I never got it posted before Christmas because it was finished right when my laptop died.

I can’t bear the thought of sitting on it for a year and not sharing it. I do love the pattern and the idea behind the pillow! You can just swap out the fabrics for any holiday or occasion. Go, fast, make one for Valentine’s Day!

Patchwork Quilted Star Pillows on

This is an 18” pillow as are my Ghastlie Halloween Pillows. The idea being that I could buy one 18” pillow form then switch off the cover depending on the holiday or season. I can see this same pattern in bright colors for summer or in warm tones for fall.

Patchwork Quilted Star Pillows on


I made a bunch of these last Christmas for close friends and family members.  Most of the fabrics came from a quilt pack that I bought from Amy Smart. I never got around to making the quilt so instead used the squares for these pillows.

Patchwork Quilted Star Pillows on

I love to collect Holiday fabrics. When I see ones that I love, I pick them up and save them for my stash. I don’t worry too much about what specific purpose I’ll use the fabric for, but I always seem to find a use. Last fall I made a Halloween quilt with some of my collection of Halloween fabrics.

Patchwork Quilted Star Pillows on


These pillow have piping around the edge to finish them off and a simple zipper closure in the back. If you’d like to learn how to make the zipper closure, you can see instructions on my Dorm Room Pillow on

Patchwork Quilted Star Pillows on


Here’s a breakdown of the construction of the pillow if you’d like to make one yourself. Remember when you make a HST  (a half square triangle) that you lose an 1” in the process (i.e. a 5” square will yield a 4” HST after trimming).

Just a note, I don’t have repeats of my HST blocks on these pillows because I made several and mixed them up with each other. The HST method will yield 2 identical HST’s, so just know if you don’t want 2 of the same HST on your pillow, you’ll need to make more HST’s.


4, 5 1/2” white squares

4, 5 1/2” printed fabric squares

4, 4 1/2” white squares

4, 4 1/2” printed fabric squares

2 white strips 16 1/2” x 1 1/2” (border)

2 white strips 18 1/2” x 1 1/2” (border)

Use your 5 1/2” white squares and 5 1/2” printed fabric squares to make 8 HST pieces. Use this tutorial if you need to know how to do this.

Assemble block by rows according to the diagram below:




Square up your block. Then sew the borders to the block, first to the top and bottom, then to the two sides. Trim to 18 1/2” x 18 1/2”.

Quilt as desired (you can use this tutorial for help if you need it).

Patchwork Quilted Star Pillows on
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