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Riley Blake Block Challenge; the Finished Quilt!

I finished a quilt! Today, I’m sharing my finished Riley Blake Designs 2021 Quilt Block challenge quilt made using Liberty of London quilting cotton. If you’d like to make one, keep reading to find out how to get the free quilt block and layout patterns!

hand holding finished blue, pink and white quilt

I’m excited to share my finished Riley Blake Block Challenge quilt with you! This quilt is made from the blocks in the 2021 Block Challenge.

What is the Riley Blake Block Challenge?

The Riley Blake quilt block challenge is a yearly months-long quilt along. Each week (usually beginning in January), a new, free quilt block pattern is published. The block is 10″ finished, and Riley Blake provides the patterns.

Blue, pink and white quilt photographed outdoors

Each of the blocks in the challenge is designed by one of Riley Blake’s fabric designers. The challenge has run for three years and is coming back next year!

I’m sharing the quilt from the second year’s challenge blocks.

Yes, you read that correctly. This is the 2021 quilt layout. I’m still working on my 2020 and 2022 quilts. No one ever accused me of being hasty when completing projects!

Riley Blake’s Finished Layout

colorful quilt draped over wood log outdoors

As you can see, my quilt layout differs slightly from the Riley Blake layout. My quilt is for my daughter; she wanted one close to fitting on her double bed. This quilt is a bit short for a double bed, but it’s close, and it’s ok since she will use it in combination with a down comforter.

About My Finished Quilt

coloful quilt photographed outdoors

My quilt ended up finishing at 63″x78″. All of the fabrics are from the Liberty of London quilting cotton collection. Most of them are from the Flower Show Spring & Summer lines.

I added one more row of blocks to my quilt. If you want to do something similar, you can simply make some of the blocks twice, using different fabrics.

Since I was pressed for time, I created four simple blocks for my addition blocks. A Sawtooth Star, Churn Dash, Turnstile & Friendship Star. I don’t have patterns for the four extra blocks; I may consider writing them if there’s enough demand. They are just simple, straightforward blocks.

I also added an extra row of sashing to the quilt, which required a bit of math. I’d share the math with you, but to be honest, I messed it up a couple of times and don’t trust myself to tell you the correct measurements!

The quilting pantograph is called Greta Garbo.

How to Get the Quilt Pattern

You can still get the quilt pattern! You can find it on the Riley Blake website, or you can fill out the form below, and we will email it to you. (Note: it arrives in zip format, we can not send it any other way, if that doesn’t work for you, best to get it from Riley Blake).

About the Blocks

There are sixteen unique blocks in the challenge. If you’d like to learn more about each of them, you can find all of them on our site!

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