DIY Halloween Cauldron that Lights Up

Are you looking for some easy Halloween Decorating Ideas? You may love this tutorial, which shows you how to make a DIY Halloween Cauldron. The best part, it lights up! 


Hi, I’m Calli from Make it Do. I am so happy to be a guest here on the Polka Dot Chair.

I wanted to share a quick and easy decorating idea for Halloween. Make it Do is all about using what you have to make life sweet, and this cauldron is no exception. It is inexpensive to create. With a short scavenger hunt around my house, I already had everything I needed.

DIY Halloween Cauldron Tutorial

Supply List

  • Twiggy Grapevine Wreath
  • Copper Planter
  • Yellow & Orange Tissue Paper
  • LED String Lights
  • Glass or Plastic Bowl


I started with an old grapevine wreath that hung on my front door long ago. It’s seen better days… but that’s all the better for my rustic woody layer for my witch’s fire.

grapevine wreath

You can make a twiggy wreath by wiring twigs from your yard to a metal wreath form available at most craft stores.

tissue paper in grapevine wreath

Next, use a couple of pieces of colored tissue paper to make the flames. I love using both yellow and orange together.

How to Make the Cauldron Light Up

Place a heatproof bowl on top of the tissue paper in the center of the wreath. My bowl is glass, but a metal bowl would work, too.

Place a strand of Christmas lights into the bowl, and make sure all the lights are in the bowl and will not come in contact with the tissue.

tissue paper and lights

These lights get hot, and you don’t want a real fire! It works great to keep the lights bundled up. Plug an extension cord into the lights and run it to an outlet from the back of the display.

Cauldron Details

Next comes the cauldron. This is a copper-colored plant container that I use for flowers. It makes a perfect cauldron. You can also use a large black canning pot or a cast iron Dutch oven.

faux planter made to look like halloween cauldron

Every Halloween, many neighbors drop in for a bowl of chili and homemade breadsticks on their way to trick or treating. I love serving homemade root beer with dry ice right out of the cauldron for all the kids. I use a food-safe bowl hidden inside. Doesn’t that look like real fire?

Faux DIY Halloween Cauldron

My daughter almost believes she’s a real little witch. This is a wonderful, fast, and easy decoration, and it is just in time for setting a spooky mood this Halloween.

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  1. I remember making a campfire sort of like this. This is a perfect idea for Halloween! Thanks gals…

  2. This is the most adorable halloween idea I think I’ve ever seen. I emailed your link to four people who I think will love making a cauldron of their own!!

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  4. This is absolutely magically fabulous!?! I’m including this idea in a 13 for Halloween: Decor roundup post on my blog tomorrow, with one pic and a link back to this post. Fantastic!! Thanks so much for sharing wonderful inspiration : )

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