“Adorable and Humble” Floral Wreath Hand Embroidery Pattern

Jessica from Cutesy Crafts is back sharing another gorgeous hand embroidery pattern. This Floral Wreath Hand Embroidery pattern makes a great gift since it can be personalized in so many different ways! 

Floral wreath hand embroidery

A few weeks ago, I offered to make an embroidery hoop for a friend of mine. I stitched up this floral wreath embroidery pattern and asked her what words she wanted on it. Without hesitation, she said, “adorable and humble.” I had to know the story behind it!

Floral wreath hand embroidery

Apparently, any time she asks her grandma how she’s doing, she says, “adorable and humble!” So cute, I love it! Of course, you can change to words to say whatever makes you happy.

Floral Wreath Hand Embroidery Pattern:

Floral wreath hand embroidery


To stitch this floral wreath embroidery pattern, you’ll need:

  • free pattern download – Grab it here
  • 7 inch embroidery hoop
  • gray fabric (I suggest linen or a linen/cotton blend)
  • embroidery floss (DMC colors: 225, 760, 761, 598, 747, 806, 746, 3848, and 563)
  • felt for backing (optional)


Floral wreath hand embroidery

About the Embroidery Stitches on the Floral Wreath:

The big flowers are my favorite stitch, the woven wheel. I love how easy they are to make and how beautiful they look! All of the leaves are made using a satin stitch, and the small flowers are a lazy daisy stitch.


Floral wreath hand embroidery

The words are formed with a stem stitch. Try to keep your stitches really short around the tight curves. That will make them nice and smooth. If you want to change the words, you can use any monoline font to get this look. This hoop would look really cute with a baby name or married couple’s names on it too!


Floral wreath hand embroidery

I really hope grandma loves her new embroidery hoop. I think I might have to take a cue from her and start telling people that I’m adorable and humble. Haha! My friend showed all of her siblings, and now they all want one too.

About the Maker:



Jessica of Cutesy Crafts

Hi, I’m Jessica, and I blog at Cutesy Crafts.  I’m a stay-at-home mom to four cute kids, and I love all things crafty!  My blog is filled with all kinds of crafts, mostly for my kids and my home. I believe that handmade items are special because of the details and special touches that a machine can’t reproduce.  For that reason, I’m also a big fan of hand embroidery.  I hope I can inspire you to be creative!

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