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Witch’s Brew Free Halloween Soda Bottle Printable & Easy Gift Idea

These fun Witches Brew Halloween printables are just the right size to attach to your favorite bottle of soda (or other “brew”). Print them off, glue them to a bottle, and gift to your favorite Witch this Halloween!

two bottles of diet coke with witches brew labels dark table

I love to drop things off at my friends homes for the Holiday’s. I especially love to do this at Halloween since there are so many cute ideas for Halloween treats floating around the interwebs.

two bottles of diet coke with witches brew labels dark table

A few years ago I made a Witch’s Brew Soda Bottle gift. At the time I used images from Rhonna Designs. You can still find the “Witch’s Brew” printable on the blog.

two bottles of diet coke with witches brew labels on white background

About the Witch’s Brew Soda Bottle Labels

This year I thought it would be nice to update the Soda Bottle tags. So I’ve created a new set of labels designed to fit on your soda or other bottles. These would be fun to use as neighbor or teacher gifts or for a Halloween party.

two bottles of diet coke with witches brew labels dark table

To Make the Halloween Soda Bottle Labels


How to Download the Printables

How to Get the Halloween Printables. You can download a copy of the printable featured in this post in our Printable Library. Access to the library is for our Newsletter subscribers and subscriptions are free. Please follow the instructions (CLICK HERE) to download the printable. PLEASE READ the instructions on that page. Note: Printables in the library may not be sold or used for any commercial purpose.


On the printable you will find the printable Halloween label in 3 sizes.  Choose the size that fits your bottle the best. On one of the bottle labels, I’ve given you an extra “stripe” on the borders so you can cut the labels any width you want.

Tip: Buy Diet Coke glass bottles in a cardboard box. You know the cute ones at the store.

Print out the Halloween soda labels. I just used regular white printer paper. If you are making a 2-liter soda bottle, you will need to print the front and back piece so you have enough length to cover the entire bottle.

Cut out the label and attach to the bottle using double stick tape.

black velvet ribbon on soda bottle

If you’d like you can embellish the bottle with some ribbon or tulle.

Tie the ribbon around the neck of the bottle.

Close up of black glitter spider on soda bottle

Using a hot glue gun, attach a spider or other Halloween embellishment.

two bottles of diet coke with witches brew labels dark table

More Gift Ideas

  • For a bit of extra fun, create several Witch’s Brew bottles and gift them in a package as I’ve done below. The “flags” are printed out clip art that I attached to bamboo skewers with washi tape. (The flag printables are available only in Rhonna’s Shop).
  • Gift a bottle and a bag of the recipient’s favorite candy
  • Attach a gift card to the front of the bottle with a ribbon

A free printable for a cute Halloween Gift Idea- Turn your favorite soda bottle into Witches Brew with this simple Halloween craft!

To make a little neighbor gift take two bottles out of the box (you need to find someone to drink them for you, hopefully, that’s not too difficult!)

Replace the bottles with fun Halloween Candy. I used candy eyeballs.

For one last touch, print out some Halloween sayings (or use Halloween stickers) and tape them to the back of some bamboo skewers.  Then just stick the skewers into the box!

That’s it!!

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  1. LOL!!! Great minds think alike, right?! I think we’d definitely get along well if we were neighbors!! Wish I did live close to you because I seriously adore EVERYTHING you create!!! PS – You going to SNAP again?

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    1. Even though I registered at Rhonna’s site I was unable to find, download or print the witch’s brew printables. I bought 3 6 packs of soda and now we will just have to drink it instead of delivering to friends. Any thoughts?

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