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Free Printables Perfect for a Kentucky Derby Party

If you’re hosting a Kentucky Derby Party this year, you’ll want to check out our Free Kentucky Derby Printables. With the printables, you can make an easy Run for the Roses banner and a set of cute cupcake picks.

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The Run for the Roses Derby Banner Printable

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas and printables on polkadotchair.com

If you’d like to make a Run for the Roses banner is very simple.

Print out the images from the bundle. Cut out each individual letter flag.

Punch a small hole in the top two corners of the letter. String onto a piece of baker’s twine.

Here’s a tip: To hang your banner on your wall or fireplace mantle, use a couple of clear command hooks.

How to Make the Award Ribbon Rosettes

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas on polkadotchair.com

They are SUPER simple to make. Remember when you were a kid and you folded paper accordion style? Well, that’s all you do for this!

Supply List for Rosettes:

  • Two pieces of 2″ x 12” wide cardstock
  • Rosette Centers from the free printable
  • Hot Glue & Gun
  • Ribbon to Match

Glue the two pieces of cardstock together along the short side. Fold them to make the rosette, please see the full rosette tutorial for precise instructions.

Next print out the rosette centers, cut out and glue them using your hot glue gun, to the folded scrapbook paper. To finish glue two pieces of ribbon to the back.

Kentucky Derby Subway Art

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas on polkadotchair.com

The Kentucky Derby Subway Art Printable is sized 8×10- I made it that size in case you wanted to print it and put it in a picture frame.  

I recommend printing the image on textured cardstock. The textured cardstock really does make a HUGE difference in how nice these printables look after they come out of the printer.

If you want your printable to be slightly larger, you can mount it on a piece of patterned paper as shown in the example photo.

The Custom Plate Centers

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas and printables on polkadotchair.com

I think the plates might be some of my favorites!  The paper sits on the back of the plate so you can still eat off the plate.

To make these simply put the pretty side of the paper facing up and nestle it in the little round circle on the back of the Chinet plate.

How to Make Cupcake Picks

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas on polkadotchair.com


  • 2 1/2″ circle punch (you can use a scallop or plain circle)
  • Cardstock
  • Toothpicks
  • Tape – I recommend clear scotch tape.

The cupcake images on the printable are square. Punch them out with a 2 1/2” circle punch. Then use a bit of tape to tape a toothpick to the back and insert it into your cupcake.

That’s it! I hope it has answered your questions about the printables!

How to Get the Free Printables

Just remember these printables are for personal use only. You can’t use them for any commercial purpose and you can’t reproduce or sell them.

Fill out the form below, and we will email you the printables.

You can also buy a bundle of Derby Party Printables in our shop if you do not wish to join our newsletter list.

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Kentucky Derby Party Ideas and printables on polkadotchair.com


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  1. Mellissa-
    Thanks so much for putting the printables out in an easy to get format.
    About those adorable bow ties, you wrote in the original post that there
    are tutorials online– wondering if there was one you liked- if yes, could you
    let me know which one?? Also what did you use for your red and white tablecloth??
    Do you remember where you purchased it from?
    So looking forward to next weekend. Thanks so much for sharing what you do
    for Derby. Every year I always wonder what you will do and check it out. I’ll be wearing my necklace
    that I heard about from you a couple years back. Andrea

  2. I signed up to get these Kentucky Derby printables and for some reason the links aren’t working. Please help! Thanks!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      They are working just make sure you read ALL of the instructions at the top of the Templates page.

  3. Any chance you can relink the downloads? I want to use them this year (They are SO Cute!), but the links don’t work anymore. Thank you!

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