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Learn How to Make a Pincushion with Wool Applique

If you want to learn how to make a pincushion I have a fun tutorial to share with you today. Today’s pattern is a fun flower pincushion that features a bit of wool applique. It’s a great project if you’re looking to try your hand at wool applique. It’s also quick to stitch and makes a fun gift for your favorite Sewist!

Flower pincushion on white table

Pattern by Amy Chappell of Ameroonie Designs.

When I am trying to learn a new technique, like stitching around wool applique, I like to find small projects to make that allow me to practice without ending up with something I won’t ever really use.

I have been wanting a new pincushion for a while and I thought making one would give me the perfect canvas to practice wool applique. Small, useful and cute- this Wool Applique Flower Pincushion checks all my boxes. 

Flower pincushion on white table

If you are already skilled at wool applique, you might be interested in this patriotic embroidery hoop pattern that is a touch more involved.

Flower pincushion on white table

Wool Applique Flower Pincushion Pattern:

Pincushion Supplies:

The pattern for the flower applique pieces – download in the Sewing Templates Library. Click here.

Fabric for base of pincushion 2- 5 ½” squares, this is a great time to use scraps

Wool for applique- small pieces are all you need. You could also use fabric and fusible adhesive to do the applique

Fiber-fill or stuffing of choice

Glue stick- for holding the applique pieces in place (optional)

Freezer paper for cutting pattern pieces out (optional)

Thread to coordinate with wool colors

Basic sewing supplies

Beginner Wool Applique Instructions:

wool applique for flower pincushion

Cut out the applique pieces. I prefer to do this using the freezer paper. To do this, print or trace the pattern onto the paper side of the freezer paper.

How to Use the Freezer Paper:

Use medium heat setting on your iron to adhere the waxy side of the freezer paper to the wool and then cut out shapes. When finished, simply pull off the freezer paper from the wool.

Wool Applique Steps:

Start with the heart and circle. Place a small bit of glue from your glue stick on the back of the heart. Place on the circle.

Use a coordinating thread to stitch around the heart. You can use a blanket stitch or you can use a small whip stitch, which is what I did here.

Next add glue to the back of the circle and center on the flower. Again, stitch around the circle using a coordinating thread.

To Attach the Flower to the Fabric:

Glue the flower to the center of the front fabric piece and stitch around it to attach it to the fabric front piece. You’ll want to use the blanket stitch and matching thread again.

flower pincushion construction steps

How to Sew the Pincushion:

Place the two fabric squares right sides together.

Sew around using a ¼” seam allowance, leave an opening on one side for turning and stuffing.

Mark a ½” square at each of the 4 corners.

Cut out the ½” square.

Line up the seams on either side of the square, pulling the cut corners away from each other, this will create a straight line. Pin in place

Sew along the line using a ¼” seam allowance. 

Repeat for all corners.

Turn right side out through the hole left for turning.

Pincushion Stuffing:

Stuff pincushion with method of choice. Many people use crushed walnut shells to give some weight and substance to the pincushion. I will often add a small pouch of rice or poly pellets to the bottom of my pincushions and then stuff with fiberfill to give it some body.

Once it’s filled as you like it, stitch the opening shut and you’re done!

Flower pincushion on white table

And if you want to create a set of these pincushions, I made a rainbow version as well, you can find the pattern on my blog.

If you are looking for more skills to try, you might like this Felt Flower Mini Hoop project.

Or if you want to conquer your fear of zippers, these pouches are handy and quick to sew

About the Maker:

Amy Chappell Bio Photo

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