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The Saturday Duffle Bag Sew Along

Just in time for back to school, join us as we stitch up the cutest little duffle bag. The Saturday Duffle Bag is perfect for weekend trips, soccer games, ballet lessons & so much more! Get inspiration, support, and instructional videos posted to our YouTube channel to help you along the way!

duffle bag on bed with white quilt and black headboard

I’m so excited to start our next Sew Along; this time, we will all be making a bag instead of a quilt. If you’ve never made a bag before, I hope that you will give it a try! This bag does have a zipper, but don’t be intimidated by that!

I thought this would be an excellent time to begin the sew-along since school is about to start for most of us! When my kids were smaller, a duffle bag like this would have been perfect for them to use as a dance or sports bag!

Sew Along Details

image of 3 duffle bags from side, with text overlay

The sew-along is to make our Saturday Duffle Bag. You can choose to make the duffle bag in one of 3 sizes; it also features a cute curved side pocket and an optional shoulder strap.

The sew-along will run for four weeks.

Even though this Sew Along is over, you can still find all the videos to help walk you through sewing your Saturday Duffle bag! They won’t ever be removed from our YouTube channel.

Blue duffle bag hanging on door handle

Starting August 8th, we will have a new instructional video posted to our YouTube channel each week. I’ll walk you through the basic steps to make the bag, and be sure to share lots of tips and tricks along the way.

Free Planner Pages

I’m offering free project planner pages to help you plan your project and stay on track. The planner pages feature an August Cover page, calendar, project planning sheet, & to-do list.

screenshot of contents of project planner pages

How to Get the Pattern

You can find the pattern in many quilt shops; you can also get it from our Polka Dot Chair shop. It is available in both PDF and printed formats.

Please make sure you are purchasing the pattern version that you want. If you want it mailed to your home, please buy the PRINTED pattern.

If you are outside of the US, you’ll need to purchase it via Etsy.

Pattern Correction

As noted on our Pattern Updates page, there is a correction to the pattern.

image of pocket diagram

The words “cut on fold” were cut off on the pocket piece. Make sure this piece is cut on the fold of the fabric.

Materials Needed

To make the duffle bag, you will need.

  • Bag Outside Fabric
  • Small: 3/4 Yard
  • Medium: 1 Yard
  • Large: 1 Yard
  • Bag Lining Fabric
  • Small: 3/4 Yard
  • Medium: 1 Yard
  • Large: 1 Yard
  • Pocket Fabric
  • Small: 1/4 Yard
  • Medium: 1/2 Yard
  • Large: 1/2 Yard
  • Fabric for Bias Strips:
  • 1/2 Yard or 1 Fat Quarter of Fabric
  • Flex Foam Interfacing – 20” wide interfacing
  • Small: 1 Yard
  • Medium: 1 1/4 Yard
  • Large: 2 Yards
  • Shape Flex Interfacing – 20” wide interfacing
  • Small: 1 Yard
  • Medium: 1 Yard
  • Large: 1 1/2 Yards
  • Cotton Webbing: I recommend using between 1” – 2” wide webbing
  • Small: 2 1/2 Yards
  • Medium: 3 Yards
  • Large: 3 1/2 Yards
  • Optional Trim: If you’d like to add decorative trim to your cotton webbing, purchase the same amount of trim as your webbing.
  • Zippers:
  • Small: 12” Zipper
  • Medium: 14” Zipper
  • Large: 18” Zipper
  • For Optional Shoulder Strap:
  • Additional 2 Yards of Webbing
  • 2 Swivel hooks – width of the hook should be close to the width of the canvas webbing you are using.
  • 2 small D or O rings
  • Notions:
  • 1” wide Bias Tape Maker
  • Fabric Safe Marking Pen
  • Fray Check
  • Large Binding Clips
  • Glue Stick
  • Tissue Paper or Non-Fusible Interfacing to trace the pattern pieces for the bag

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to sewing with you!

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  1. Can you please list where to get flex foam? I searched for it to make your stewardess bag and could not find anything with that name. In store or online.

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