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Nail Polish Gift Idea & Printable Tags

Nail polish gifts for teens are a fantastic way to share and express their unique style. I’m sharing some of my favorite nail polish gift ideas along with a set of free printable gift tags with you today!

Nail Polish Gift idea with free printable gift tags on polkadotchair.com

I have a 13-year-old daughter who likes to paint her nails every day. Well, maybe not EVERY day, but it sure seems like it.

The smell of nail polish remover can frequently be found wafting down from her room upstairs. Most of her friends seem to love nail polish as much as she does. They love to talk about nail polish and new patterns to paint, and they collect many different colors of nail polish.

While it doesn’t seem that there are as many birthday parties to go to as when she was younger, my daughter still loves to give her friends gifts on their birthdays.

Gift Ideas for Teens & Tweens

As she has gotten older, we discovered it’s harder to find gifts for her friends. We seem to default to a gift card many times, but sometimes she wants to give them something a little different. So this year, we started giving her friends little nail polish gift sets.

Since she never knows what colors of nail polish her friends already have, we have started making up gift sets with some fun nail polish accessories, too.

Nail Polish Gift idea with free printable gift tags on polkadotchair.com

Recently, we gave a friend of hers a gift set that had a couple of colors of nail polish and a few fun other things.   We designed a little gift that included some extra nail polish remover, a remover dispenser pump, and some nail drying spray. We then created a fun little gift tag to tie on the bag that said “Paint Toes.”

The tag is a little take-off of a Pantone color swatch. At first, I thought that her friends wouldn’t know what that was and that the tag wouldn’t make any sense to them.

Then I realized that they are all on Pinterest 24/7 and, therefore, know what Pantone swatches are. I was able to pick up all of the items at my local Target.  

What’s In the Gift Bag?

Nail Polish Drying Spray

Once again, I went with Target’s up & up brand (we are big fans of sunscreen and cleaning supplies). Because of this, I was pretty sure that we’d also love their beauty products. Knowing how many times my daughter has smeared her nail polish before it was dry, I figured that the up & up Nail Polish Drying Spray would be a great addition to the gift bag. The drying spray helps the polish dry faster and leaves a great shine after it’s applied.

Nail Polish Remover

Also, knowing how many times we have “accidentally” spilled nail polish remover, we put in the up & up Dispenser Pump.  You fill the pump with remover, then use a cotton ball on the top to “pump” the remover out. No more tipping the bottle and potentially spilling the nail polish remover.

Nail Polish

Of course, we included a few different colors of nail polish! There are so many fun colors to choose from now as compared to when I was a teen!

Nail Polish Gift idea with free printable gift tags on polkadotchair.com

Gift Tags for the Nail Polish Gift

I designed the tags for the nail polish in 2 different sizes: one size that’s perfect for attaching to a large gift bag and a smaller size that’s just right for a single bottle of nail polish.

I think this little size makes for a really fun “thinking of you” gift not just for a teen, I know a lot of adults that would love it too.

Nail Polish Gift idea with free printable gift tags on polkadotchair.com

If you’d like to make your own little nail polish gifts, you can download the large and the small gift tags over in the Printable Library!

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  1. I’m a much more traditional nail polish person. I usually have some shade of pink on my toes and clear on my finger nails. My finger nail polish chip pretty quickly, so clear is best for me.

  2. I love the traditional colors with some nice sheers thrown in, but my daughter is all about the mints, purples and blacks.

  3. I’m a little of both, I love me a dark purple or plum, but I also like to have fun. Who doesn’t love glow in the dark fingernails at Halloween?

  4. I do like the new mint, aqua, and gray. The bright new colors are wonderful, although I’m in my late 50s so I tend to stick with the boring taupes and muted tones. I do get “crazy” every once in a while and will paint my toenails something wild. My granddaughters love that 🙂

  5. I am totally a traditional girl! Though I have been known to sport red hot polish! I generally don’t do polishes as it seems I chip them immediately!

  6. Love the mint, aqua and gray colors! They are also fun colors to wear on your toes especially when wearing slippers.

  7. I think the glittered colors are pretty amazing. You wouldn’t know to look at me, I don’t wear makeup or fancy clothes, but I do love some crazy nail polish colors.

  8. I love the new colors…especially on my toes. I love the muted pastels or neutrals on my fingernails. Thanks for the all of the fun inspiration on your blog!!

  9. I totally like the new bright colors on my toes,,,,softer, creamy colors for my hands. My fourteen yr old mixes and matches all of them, on what seems like a daily basis too!! Thank you for the tags, they a too cute!

  10. I usually like to wear black and gray clothes, but on my toes, that is where I get to be creative! I love all the new bright and bold colors.

  11. I love the colors of mint, aqua and grey as a paint on my walls or wall art, but I would prefer reds and pinks on my nails.

  12. This is such a great idea. My daughter loves to do nails as a matter of fact she does my mother in law, aunts, and sometimes friends nails to make some money.

  13. It depends on the day and the time of the year! And which nails! Toes tend to be more wild while fingernails are more traditional colors.

  14. I’d love to win the Target gift card, my daughter and I spend a lot of time doing our nails so this would be awesome!! We enjoy all different colors and designs!!

  15. I love the classic colors … with sparkles added in of course! This is a fantastic Idea! I am going to have to make a few of these!!!

  16. I love the play on the pantone paint colors! I think all the new colors are so fun, but I can only bring myself to paint my toes those colors!

  17. My daughter is 4 years old, and thinks that all nail polish is awesome, especially any sparkly one! I am a classic colors for fingers and crazy for toes kind of girl, myself.

  18. At 70+ I am more traditional. My traditional pearl white for nails, nothing on toes. I get more comments on the pearl than anything, and it goes with everything.

  19. I go back and forth. I love me some mint or lavender toes, but I still use my hot pink and reds. Target is my fav.

  20. What a cute idea! I know the girls in our family are crazy about nail polish too (and so am I!) Such a great gift-and a drawing too-this will be an idea for Christmas. Thanks. I really enjoy so many of your creative ideas posted on your blog.

  21. I was horrified by the new colors at first but now my nails are more often blue or green than pink or red. I draw the line at yellow. That looks too much like a diseased nail for me!

  22. I actually bought mini nail files and polish for my daughter’s friends for Christmas! This will be the perfect gift tag! Thank you so much! I am a very traditional girl, but I love pops of fun colors on my nails! I am loving fall hues right now! Thanks! susan

  23. I like the lighter & sheerer colors myself…but daughter looooves the fun colors best! 🙂

    Thanks for this clever & Awesome idea for gifts…definitely going to do!

  24. This is such a cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing it. I only paint my “toes” so I think your tags are extra cute 🙂 I like the colors that look like minty marshmallow, fluffy yellow, puffy pink — I use these during the winter months. During the summer months, when I wear flip flops, I like the neon colors. YaY! Thanks for the giveaway — I love Target 🙂

  25. I am more a traditional reddish pink nail polish person, but the love all of the new colors on younger people. Great idea on the pump for the remover. I am going to try that for sur.

  26. 1. How do you feel about all of the fancy new colors of nail polish available now???
    I love the fancy new colors of polish that the great companies have come out with. Especially the toppers with all their stars and heart shapes, all the different sizes of glitter. It’s amazing how far nail polish has come!!
    2. Do you love the mint, aqua and grey or are you a more traditional pink and red kind of gal???
    Well I gotta say I’m a traditional pink gal! I have 75 different shades of pink..if not more..lol!! Seriously I love pink polish! In fact I’m saving some pink shades to create a blog for my new Facebook page on the top 10 pink shades & the company that makes them! If I win this it will be one more to add to the list!!!

  27. I just like purple, but I only put it on my toes. I just use a flesh color on my hands. Thanks for the tags – it is a great gift idea even for those girls who are alittle older!

  28. I usually just use pink but I can not wait to go and get the pump….love the gift bag idea and think I will make several as gifts for Christmas. It is right around the corner.

  29. I love fun nail polishes that are trendy and not traditional! I think the traditional ones are fine, but I love how there are so many unique colors now!

  30. I just love all the new colors today! I love trying out different colors with my outfits and think that trying different colors is so much fun!

  31. I love all the new colors of nail polish and variety they offer, great to have many color selections to change a lot, since I paint my nails so much.

  32. I love all colors of polish, during the summer I was loving the bright colors and glittery polish.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  33. I think it’s great they have new and fun colors.. with fashion constantly changing it makes sense to keep up with it.

  34. My oldest daughters love to do their nails often so the mint, aqua and gray colors are ones they would love. Actually, they just like many colors to change things up a bit

  35. I’ve never been much of a red/pink nail polish person, probably because I was a metalhead during my impressionable teen years and painted my nails black. 🙂 So I LOVE all the new colors. My favorite, though, will always be nail polish with glitter. I almost don’t care what color glitter as long as it sparkles!

  36. I love all of the fall colors like grey, dark blue, and even black. When summer rolls around, mint and bright pinks are my favorite.

  37. I am not much of a nail polish person, I love all colors but not on myself. With daily chores, it is almost impossiblel to keep them intact on so I just give up on this luxury.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  38. Melissa, your 13 year old sounds a lot like my 15 year old… they must be best buddies! My teen likes to swipe my nail polishes from my bathroom drawer. Every one in the house knows when she is using nail polish. I have always been the “classic pink” gal but my glam teen girl loves to venture out to all those new hues there is now a days. She encourages me to try the new colors out there…and I just might do that soon and hope to not feel too awkward =/

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  40. When I was in high school I would change my polish daily (at lunch). I usually did school colors in various patterns. Now I don’t change them as much, but I love different colors & textures, to match my mood, the season, special events, etc.

  41. Love all the new colors. Never thought I would be wearing gray! But I love it and it looks good with my skin tone. 🙂

  42. I LOVE that there is so much variety in nail colors nail. My fave is tiffany blue color, followed closely by light greys.

  43. Different strokes for different folks, but…personally NO, I hate anything that isn’t pink or beige or clear! But, meh, that’s just me. I admit whenever I receive nail polish I won’t ever ever wear, I pass it on to my niece. She loves the different colors!

  44. I’m still getting used to the new colors. I’ve always used neutral or pink shades but I’m ready to try something new.

  45. I love all of the new colors! Nice to add something other than pink and red to my collection.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  46. I have fallen in love with all the new nail polish colors and different techniques that you can now do on your own instead of only being available to you in a salon. Love love moon rock and Sun candy polish..

  47. It took while for me to accept all the new colors, but now that I’ve gotten used to them I think they are great. But at heart I prefer seasonal colors like pumpkin for autumn and pretty pinks for spring.

  48. I love all of the nail polish colors we have now!
    Sometimes I use 2 different colors alternated on my nails.
    And I don’t have a favorite.
    thank you

  49. Oh I love all the new colors they are coming out with!!! So many different shades and hues…so fun to change it up!!! I have not heard of that drying spray…I HAVE to look for that my next trip to Target!!!

  50. I absolutely love trying all kinds of new polish colors. I collect every mint color I see, and I love unique teals and purples. I also love experimenting with designs, textures, and different techniques for doing my nails.

  51. I think it’s great that the range of colors has expanded. I don’t particularly like them but everyone should have a variety of choices!

  52. I think all the new colors are great. I was a little scared of the colors you have here when I first saw them but then I saw a lady with some close to them and they were so cute!

  53. I don’t paint my nails often, but when I do I’m pretty traditional. Bright reds and pinks look best with my skin tone.

  54. My daughter also loves nail polish, maybe she got it from mom? 🙂 She loves bold and bright designs and I am more into light colors, pink has always been my go to color.

  55. I LOVE all of the non-traditional shades of nail polish out now. I never have been a traditional girl and don’t wear makeup, so I like my toes to be fun, freaky colors like blue and green! 😀

  56. I’m not a fan of the dark colors or designs on nails. I like traditional bright colors, pink, coral, red, etc. and a clean, fresh mani/pedi.

  57. I never met a nail polish shade I didn’t like! I love them all: different colors, sparkles, glitter, you name it and my collection is too large to count (in the hundreds).

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