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Whole Heart Quilt Block; All the Hearts Quilt Along

Join us as we create a unique heart quilt this year in the All the Hearts Quilt along! We are kicking things off with the Whole Heart block pattern. Keep reading to find out more.

Pink and white heart quilt block on white cutting mat

Last week we kicked off our 2021 Block of the Month! This year the quilt is called “All the Hearts” because I could use a lot more “heart” right now!

Beofre we talk about this months block, a bit of housekeeping.

How do I get the Pattern?

The pattern is for sale in the shop. It is in PDF (digital) format.

What is the Block Release Schedule?

  • About the Quilt Along
  • January 15th: Whole Heart
  • February 19th: Sweet Heart
  • March 19th: Heartfelt
  • April 16th: Tender Heart
  • May 14th: Joyful Heart
  • June 18th: Light-Hearted
  • July 16th: True Heart
  • August 13th: Kind Heart
  • September 17th: Heartstrings
  • October 15th: Friendly Heart
  • November 12th: Grateful Heart
  • December 10th: Warm Heart


Q: Is this a one time purchase?

A: Yes, you purchase the pattern once then are emailed a block each month during the year.

Q: Can a beginner make this quilt?

A: I would recommend that you’ve made at least one quilt before you tackle it, but if you go slow, and follow all the directions you’ll be fine. If you’re brand new to quilting be sure to check out our tips for beginning quilters.

Q: Do I have to come to the blog to make the quilt?

A: Nope. You’re meailed a downloadble, printable PDF each month with the block instrjctions. I’ll be sharing extra tips and tricks on the blog, but all of the patterns and directions will be sent to you directly.

Q: What if I join late?

A: You can jump in all year. When you buy the pattern you will be able to download all of the blocks shared to that date. After that, you will receive the blocks when everyone else does.

About the Quilt Block

Pink and white heart quilt block on white cutting mat

To help you “get your feet wet,” creating heart quilt blocks, I thought I’d start with the simplest block in the pattern first. The “whole heart” quilt block features just 2 different fabrics and is the simplest design on the quilt.

The block was emailed on the 15th. If you didn’t get the email be sure to check your spam folder. If it’s not there, send us an email (contact info is on the blog) and we can resend it.

I made my block from the medium pink (rose) and dark pink (super pink) fabrics.

Since all of my fabrics for the quilt have arrived, I thought I’d share with you my color palette for my quilt. All of the color names are shown below, and all are Riley Blake Confetti Cottons.

Pink and orange fabrics laid out on white cutting mat

In addition to the 12 blocks in the quilt, there are two sets of “alternate” blocks and a set of border blocks.

Pink and white heart quilt block on white cutting mat

This month, I also sent the pattern for the first of the two alternate blocks, the 4 heart block. Create these blocks at your own pace during the year. I recommend creating them at the same time as your main blocks if the blocks require the same fabrics. That will save you time and help you to cut your fabric more efficiently.

If pinks aren’t your thing, I’ve also mocked up the pattern in blues. You can find all the fabric names and yardage rquriemtns for this quilt in the pattern listing.

Diagram of heart quilt in blues and greens

Next month we are tackling the “Sweet Heart” block, any guesses which one that is?

More Quilt Block Patterns:

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Bear Paw Quilt Block Pattern

Pink and white heart quilt block on white cutting mat

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  1. Hello-new follower and I’ve fallen in love with all of your content! I have been sewing for a few years but never made an actual quilt. Do the PDF files actually walk us through how to cut and make each block? I really want to try this quilt.


    1. Yes, the PDF’s walk you through all the steps to make the quilt. It doesn’t show me cutting the fabric, rather it tells you what size to cut your fabrics. Then shows you how to piece those pieces together into a quilt

  2. Hi Melissa,
    I want to sign up for your Whole Heart BOM Quilt but I’m having trouble figuring out how to do that. Please email me the link to sign up for your BOM.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi,
      Just purchase the pattern (there is a link in the post) that will get you signed up. You’ll get an email each month when your block is ready to download.

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