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How to Make Quidditch Robes for a Harry Potter Costume

Today I’m sharing with you a way to make your own Quidditch Robes create a simple and clever Harry Potter Halloween Costume. I made this Halloween Costume for my son several years ago and it’s been lent out and worn many many times (hello midnight movie premiers!)  

The robes make a great DIY Harry Potter costume for Halloween or just a fun dress-up for the crazy Harry Potter fan in your house.

How to make your own Harry Potter Quidditch Robes on polkadotchair.com

Okay,  we admit to being a little Crazy for Harry at our house!  In fact, when I go to London, touring the Wizarding World Harry Potter studios is one of my top 3 MUST Do’s. A few years ago, we even dressed up as Harry Potter characters for Halloween (my husband and I included).  So when I found out about the Happy Harry Potter Series over at Rae Gun Ramblings, I was more than happy to participate!

DIY Harry Potter Costume; How to Make your Own Quidditch Robes

In celebration of Harry’s Birthday, Marisa of Rae Gun is featuring great DIY Harry Potter projects, giveaways, and ideas on her blog. Check out all of the other ideas shared. For my part, I’m sharing a few Harry Potter Costume Ideas.

How to make your own Harry Potter Quidditch Robes on polkadotchair.com

Supplies for Quidditch Uniform Pattern

This DIY costume is made by making simple modifications to a basic robe pattern. I’m sure you can find a free tutorial online for a robe pattern if you don’t want to buy one, but since you can usually get sewing patterns on sale for as little as .99 I think it’s worthwhile to buy one.

Trust me, it’s easier to buy a pattern on sale than to draft this yourself! You’ll save yourself LOADS of time.  Simplicity Pattern 9877 or 1582 is great for adults and  Simplicity 3998 or 1583 will work for kids.

Supplies To make the Quidditch Robes:

How to make your own Harry Potter Quidditch Robes on polkadotchair.com

DIY Harry Potter Robe Pattern Directions

Step one:

Cut out and sew the pattern as you normally would, do not sew on the sleeves yet. Make sure you cut out the robe hood lining from your contrasting fabric.

Make the following changes:

Cut 4 strips of contrasting fleece 1″ wide and the length from your shoulder seam to the sleeve end. Using steam a seam iron 2 stripes on top of each sleeve side seam. Top stitch both stripes. You’ll want to complete this step BEFORE you sew your sleeve into your robe.

Line the hood of the robe but not the rest. Since you’re using polar fleece it won’t fray so there is no need to line the inside, plus it would get very very hot with 2 layers of fleece. However, if you’re making this as a DIY Harry Potter Costume for Halloween and it’s cold where you live, you may want to go ahead and line the robe.

How to make your own Harry Potter Quidditch Robes on polkadotchair.com

How to Create the Applique Letters

Next, type your name using the Harry Potter font in a word program.  Then print out your name on plain white paper using a Harry Potter font- my font is called Harry P.

Reverse the font by placing your paper upside down on a light box or window. Trace the font onto the paper side of a piece of heat n bond lite.  Cut out the letters roughly and press onto a piece of contrasting color fleece.

Next, cut out the letters precisely. Press onto the back of your quidditch robe. Use a pressing cloth with the polar fleece to keep it from melting.

Stitch around each letter (or in the center of the more difficult shapes) to attach to the robe.

How to make your own Harry Potter Quidditch Robes on polkadotchair.com

That’s it. You’re done .. now just accessorize away with a broomstick, some cute goggles, and of course, your Golden Snitch!

How to make your own Harry Potter Quidditch Robes on polkadotchair.com

You can use the same technique to make Harry Potter Robes. Here’s his twin sister all dressed up like Hermione!

How to make your own Harry Potter Quidditch Robes on polkadotchair.com
How to make your own Harry Potter Quidditch Robes on polkadotchair.com
How to make your own Harry Potter Quidditch Robes on polkadotchair.com

A shot of the whole family dressed up-and, in case you were wondering, yes we went as the  “Epilogue” *wink*. 

Now all you need is a Sorting Hat, learn how to make one here.

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  8. Hi! Stumbled onto your blog looking for directions for a Harry Potter/Hermione Robe. I was curious what fabrics you used for the black robe? Thanks!

  9. I can’t find the patterns you mentioned. I found some other rode patterns, but none of them have the long, pointed sleeves. :/

  10. Hi! What fabrics did you use for the school robe? Great job by the way 🙂 planning on making one for this Halloween.

  11. After not having sewn for years I am making matching quidditch fleece robes for all three of my kids. Though i am not quite done they are looking amazing though – thank you so much for this tutorial! I am having troubles getting the heat n bond lite to stick at all – followed the instructions exactly. Did you have this issue?

  12. Just wanted to let you know that i found this toturial super helpful! I used the Simplicity pattern 1583, Though I just found out today that they have a Harry Potter Robes pattern now. I shortened the Quidditch robes sleeves up to the elbow like in the movies. It makes more sense for the game and I’m attempting to make the arm and leg guards too, so the shorter sleeve will show them off. I made regular house robes for my 3 year old and he loves them. He’s on the small side, so I had to do a bunch of modifying to shorten them up. I found great DIY tutorials on a Monster Book of Monsters and a Golden Snitch, so we’re accessorizing with those. Wish I could post pictures to share with you. 🙂 Anyway, thank you again for the inspiration!

  13. I just wanted to say thank you for your post! I meant to write a comment sooner, but life got away from me. I used your tutorial last fall (2019) to make three quidditch robes for my 11, 10 and 7 year old kids. Then I made a golden snitch costume for my 2 year old. The three older kids had a blast chasing our little “golden snitch” around on their broomsticks on Halloween night. 😉

    The quidditch robes tuned out amazing and I got so many compliments on them. I wish I could send you a picture. I always appreciate people who share their awesome ideas with others. Thanks again!

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