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Simple Patchwork Color Blocked Baby Quilt Tutorial

Today I’m going to share with you a Color-Blocked Patchwork Baby Quilt Tutorial.  It’s a very simple design, no need for a pattern. The blocks are arranged in color order with the darkest at the top going down to the lightest at the bottom. If you like this pattern you may also like this Sawtooth Star Baby Quilt Tutorial. 

Use this patchwork baby quilt tutorial to make a cute quilt for a baby boy. Great quilt pattern for beginning quilter #babyquilt #babyquiltpattern #babyquilttutorial #patchworkquilttutorial

If you’re looking for an easy baby quilt that you can make, I think that you’ll like today’s tutorial. I made this quilt for a friend of mine who recently had a baby boy.

All of the fabrics I used in the quilt were from a custom-created fat quarter pack that I purchased.  This quilt would be a great one to use up some of your fabric stash. Just pull a selection of fabrics in light, medium, and dark blues. It also looks great with a pop of black.

Use this patchwork baby quilt tutorial to make a cute quilt for a baby boy. Great quilt pattern for beginning quilter #babyquilt #babyquiltpattern #babyquilttutorial #patchworkquilttutorial

Use this patchwork baby quilt tutorial to make a cute quilt for a baby boy. Great quilt pattern for beginning quilter #babyquilt #babyquiltpattern #babyquilttutorial #patchworkquilttutorial

Simple Patchwork Baby Quilt Tutorial


To make this quilt you’ll need:

  • Fat Quarters of various prints in.  You can get twelve 5” x 5” squares per fat quarter and this quilt takes 41 5” x 5” square prints (this does not include the white squares). You want to pick fat quarters in varying light and dark colors to get the “ombre” effect.
  • 40 pre-cut 5” x 5” white squares.
  • 1 1/2 yards fabric for the backing
  • Batting 1/2 yard binding

Cutting Directions

Cut 41 squares from your various prints. Arrange by color value. Darkest, Mid, Light Colors.

As you sew, keep your darkest colors in rows 1,2 then gradually lighten as you work down the rows.

Simple Pattern for a Baby Quilt on polkadotchair.com

Assembly Instructions

  • Odd-Numbered Rows start and end with a print.
  • Even-numbered rows start and end with a white square. There are 9 rows.
  • For odd-numbered rows, sew nine 5” x 5” squares together alternating print and white starting and ending with a print. Do this for rows 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. Press seams to the right.
  • For even-numbered rows, sew nine 5” x 5” squares together, alternating white and print. Starting and ending with a white block. Do this for rows 2, 4, 6, 8. Press seams to the left.
  • Assemble rows.


Quilt and bind as desired! I quilted mine using the Dogwood quilting pattern  The backing is flannel (my favorite for a baby quilt). It’s bound using 2 1/2” wide strips.

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  1. So are the precut 5×5 the white? And I assume you mean to begin and end with white on the 2, 4, 6 and 8 rows?
    Great quilt, I love it. I want to do one just like it tonight! Thank You.

    1. Yes!! Thanks for catching that! I read over it a few times and totally missed the typo! I’ve corrected it now.

      1. Hi Melissa
        This is my first quilting project…
        Can you tell me what is the measurement to sew between each square?
        1/4 inch?

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been searching on Fabricworm for the fabrics you used because I love them and am going to have my mom make this for our little boy that’s coming in December. I can’t find these prints. Do you know who the designer was or how long ago you got them?


  3. This is so cute! I’m a beginner at sewing and I’ve never quilted before, but you’ve inspired me to give it try (with some help, of course!).
    Thank you!

      1. I have another question : What is the finished size? I’m thinking this would be great for a lap quilt – my mom kind of hinted she’d like to have one when she is in her wheelchair at the nursing home. Thank you! 🙂

  4. I am soon to start a quilt for my little man, and I drew some of my inspiration from your quilt here. Right now, I am in the planning and development phase, as I am working on a quilt with someone else as a gift, as well as baby shower decorations, all with a two month old! Thank you for your amazing post, I only wish I was able to get 20 5″ squares from my fat quarters, I can only get 12, since they did not cut them at 90 degree angles. Oh well.


  5. hi…this will be my first attempt at making a quilt. my daughter asked me to make one for her…she thinks I can do anything when it comes to sewing. I am going to try! where do I go to get pre cut fabric? she wants a baby nautical theme. thanks

    1. Try Missouri Star Quilt Company online. They have a great selection of precuts in 5″ squares, 2 ½” strips, and other sizes/shapes. But you can cut your own 5″ squares from yardage for this cute quilt.

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  7. Fabulous… thanks so much for sharing all this with us… 🙂 I plan on trying a quilt at some point in the future… 🙂 and I will come back here to begin… 🙂

    have a fabulous day


  8. I have just finished piecing together the top of my quilt. What type/ thickness of batting did you use? This is my first attempt at a quilt!

    1. I like to use 100% cotton, like Quilters Dream Batting.. you should be able to get it online if you don’t have a local quilt shop

  9. How come it says you need 40 5×5 blocks but if you have 9 rows with 9 blocks each row than that would be 81 blocks. Just want to clarify how many blocks I am going to need.

    1. The 40 blocks refer to the PRINT blocks you need to cut. You don’t need to cut the white blocks since they are precuts that are white.

  10. How much batting should be used in this quilt? I don’t see an amount or anything in the directions. Thanks!

  11. Hi Melissa, this is so cute! I will try to make this for a baby shower and I have just bought my print fabric today. Do I need to prewash the fabric?


    1. It’s up to you. Personally I never prewash my fabric. But it won’t hurt if you do.

  12. Hi there,

    Lovely quilt. i am doing one similar but wonderful what colour thread you used? It doesn’t appear to show up on any other different coloured squares.


  13. If the finished size is 47×47 you must have pieced the back… reccomendations about the piecing? Down the Venetian or two side pieces?

    1. I just pieced it straight down the middle. If I had some I’d have used Minke on the back since it’s 60″ wide.

  14. I’m so in love with this pattern I’m using it for my first quilt…eeek!! But I’m the go big or go home and hope I don’t fail lol
    Since I’m making a double size do you think I still sew each row and then attach each row to each other or is it better to make them into bigger blocks and then block those together?

    1. I prefer to still sew them by rows, but it’s up to you if you’d rather go the other way. Either will work.

  15. Hello, I may have missed this, but did you use premade binding or did you make your binding? Thank you so much!

    1. I made the binding. Just cut 2 1/2″ strips of fabric, sew them together and fold in half and press lenghtwise.

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