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How to Make a Shoo Fly Quilt Block – February Quilt Block of the Month

Today I’m very excited to be sharing with you the February Quilt Block of the Month. This month we are making a fun Shoo Fly Quilt Block! 

The February Block of the Month on polkadotchair.com - A free pattern for a Shoo Fly Quilt Block

This is block #6 of 12 (yippee! we are half way through). The Shoo Fly Block uses simple squares and 4 Half Square Triangles to make a block with a lot of possible fabric combinations.

If you’re playing along be sure to share your finished blocks on social media with the hashtag #PolkaDotChairBlocks (if you have a private IG account, hashtags won’t work for you, so share it to my Facebook instead) , I’m on Instagram as @Polkadotchair or you can also share it right to my Facebook Page (you can post a photo over there)

If you missed it be sure to check out this post offering tips and trick to picking out fabric for a quilt.  You can find an index to all the posts in this quilt block series to date by clicking here.

Quilt Block of the Month series on polkadotchair.com - create a quilt in 12 easy steps!

UPDATE: You can now purchase a PDF with ALL of the block instructions for each month in one place!! Click here to PURCHASE

The February Block of the Month on polkadotchair.com - A free pattern for a Shoo Fly Quilt Block

About the Shoo Fly Quilt Block:

This month we are using the basic “grid” pattern with a few half square triangles (HST) to make what is referred to as a Shoo Fly Quilt Block.  This block is really fun because you have the opportunity to use all the same fabric, or 3 different fabrics on the block. You can also do a monochromatic color scheme like I did, or something more dramatic.

Free Quilt Tutorial and Pattern for a Log Cabin Quilt block; the April Block of the Month offered on the Polka Dot Chair Blog - So many cute quilt block ideas!

Before you start to cut, look at the blocks you’ve made so far and see if your colors are balanced. Do you have too much of one color and maybe not enough of another?  I know for the quilt for my teenage son, that this month I need to pull some more Kelley green into my block.  Since this is the halfway point in construction it would be a good time to evaluate where you stand.

How to Make a Shoo Fly Quilt Block:

To make this block you’ll need to cut:

4 pieces 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 of background fabric

2 pieces 6 x 6 of background fabric

1 piece 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 of Fabric A for center of block

2 pieces 6 x 6 of Fabric B for triangles (you can also use two different fabrics for this step as I did with my block, it’s up to you, but I would keep them both the same color if the print is different).

One: Create the Half Square Triangles

Begin by constructing 4 HST from your 6×6 pieces of fabric. You’ll layer one 6×6 background fabric over one 6×6 print fabric right sides facing.

Then draw a line on the diagonal of one of the pieces. Stitch 1/4″ off each side of the line you drew. Cut the fabric in half along the line, press and trim blocks to 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″.

If you need help with making HST you can check out this post. Also, be sure to check out the Quilt Tips post for tips on trimming your HST’s.


After your HST are trimmed all you need to do is arrange your squares into 3 rows as shown below.

Two: Lay out your Pieces and Construct your Quilt Block

Stitch the squares together in row 1, followed by row 2 and row 3.  Press all seams to one side, then stitch the rows together.

The February Block of the Month on polkadotchair.com - A free pattern for a Shoo Fly Quilt Block

Give the block another pressing then trim it down to 15″ x 15″ (if you stitched it perfectly it will be 15 1/2″ square but I never usually sew mine perfectly so I allow a bit of “wiggle” room when it comes to construction).

Here you can see the block mocked up in another color scheme.

The February Block of the Month on polkadotchair.com - A free pattern for a Shoo Fly Quilt Block

I’m still working on the blocks for my Christmas Quilt & my Son’s quilt, I’ll be sure to share them with you in an update during March!

Just a quick reminder: This project along with ALL of the other projects on this blog are offered to you for free. The only thing that I ask is that you do not use them for any commercial purpose.  If you have a shop, this is not meant to be a program for you to use in your store. It’s meant to help build the online community of people who all LOVE quilting.  Please respect that so that I can go on sharing these projects for everyone.  

As a review, here are the blocks we’ve stitched so far:

Free pattern for a plus quilt block on polkadotchair.com

1- Plus Quilt Block

free pattern for a pinwheel quilt block on polkadotchair.com

2- Pinwheel Quilt Block

Free Pattern for a Star Quilt Block on polkadotchair.com

3- Star Quilt Block

Free Pattern for a Half Square Triangle Strip Block on polkadotchair.com

4- Half Square Triangle Strips Block

Free pattern for a Turnstile Quilt Block on polkadotchair.com

5- Turnstile Quilt Block

The February Block of the Month on polkadotchair.com - A free pattern for a Shoo Fly Quilt Block

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  1. Shouldn’t the two pieces of Fabric B be cut 6×6 to make the HST? The cutting instructions say 5 1/2 by 5 1/2, but the piecing instructions say 6×6.

    1. Yes, fabric B (and C if you choose) should be 6×6. I’ve fixed it in the text. Thanks for the catch!

  2. I have just started following you and am excited about doing the BOM with you guys. Now I just have to get on the ball and get caught up. Thanks so much for offering this free.

  3. Love what I have read!!! Thanks for sharing for free! I have sewn professionally for 48 years in the drapery field. After retiring a few months ago, I have decided to take up quilting!!!!

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