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Free Printable Luggage Tags perfect for your Disney Vacation

I’ve always believed that part of the Disney magic is the anticipation of your trip, whether you’re headed to Disney World, Disneyland, or on a Disney Cruise. These free printable Disney Luggage Tags will not only help you find your bag at the airport but also are a fun way to build up some pre-trip excitement!

Printable Disney Luggage Tags on white counter top

On our most recent trip to Disney World, we found ourselves without luggage tags for most of our suitcases. We had just been using the free ones from the airlines, and they kept falling off. So, I decided to design a set of luggage tags specifically for us to use when we went to Disney.

Today I’m sharing the free printable Disney luggage tags with you!

We love to visit Disney World. Be sure to check out some of the other Disney DIYs on the blog!

Last year I discovered these plastic luggage tags on Amazon. They are actually made to hold cruise documents, but I found that they also are great for customizable luggage tags.

Printable Disney Luggage Tags

The plastic luggage tags have a plastic zip-top closure, so you can insert any paperwork you’d like into your tags. They also have a metal ring on the top to keep them attached to your suitcase.

I designed 9 total tags for you to use. Simply print them out cut them out and insert them into the plastic tags.

Supplies to Make the Luggage Tags

  1. Plastic Luggage tag sleeves- BUY HERE
  2. Plain Paper or Cardstock
  3. Scissors or Paper Trimmer (this is my favorite paper trimmer)
  4. Printable Tags (info about the tags below)

How to Assemble the Luggage Tags

You will need to print out both fronts and backs of the luggage tags

Then, cut them out and put them on top of each other wrong sides facing.

Slip them into the tag and attach the metal ring.

TIP: Don’t try to print them on the same piece of paper front to back, that won’t work.

What’s Included in the Free Disney Printable

Free Printable Luggage Tags Set 1: Parks Inspired

Mickey and the Disney Parks inspired this set. We are partial to Disney World and love Magic Kingdom and Epcot the best. What about you? I know many people are partial to Hollywood Studios now that the Star Wars-themed land is open!

  • I’m Just Here for the Snacks
  • Bring on the Hat Hair
  • Deliver to the Happiest Place

Set 2: Princess Inspired Luggage Tags

This set was inspired by some of our favorite Princesses and includes these 3 tags. Choose between Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella & Snow White themed tags.

  • Nap Queen
  • If Lost Return to the Castle
  • Fairest of them All

Set 3: Movie Inspired Luggage Tags

I love a good movie and thought it would be fun to design a set inspired by some of our favorite movies icons. There are tags inspired by UP! & Monsters Inc.

Obviously these are just fandom crafts inspired by our love of Disney.

Printable Disney Luggage Tags on white counter top

How To Download the Printable Tags

  1. Go to our Free Printables Library – Click HERE
  2. If you’re not already on our Printables List sign up when prompted.
  3. Then follow the prompts in your email to confirm your subscription and download the tags!

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Printable Disney Luggage Tags on white counter top

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