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Woven Together Quilt Block Pattern

Get a free Woven Together Quilt Block pattern as a part of the Riley Blake Designs Quilt Block Challenge!

pink and white quilt block on white cutting mat with ruler

It’s week nine of the Riley Blake Designs quilt block challenge! I don’t know about you, but this is moving along pretty quickly. I can’t believe we are midway through March. After this, there are seven more quilt block patterns, which means we are more than halfway done!

About the Quilt Block Pattern

This week’s block is called Woven Together and is designed by Sue Daley. It’s a fun “illusion” block, as it looks like the pieces of the block are woven together (hence the name). It almost looks like a really cool knot quilt block.

My block is sewn with fabrics from my Tulip Cottage collection; the background fabric is White Sparkler.

Block Construction Tips

two quilt blocks on white cutting mat

If you look closely, you can see that my block has a wonky center. I thought everything was coming together nicely until the last step! This block only has straight lines, but sometimes, those can be the trickiest to piece together. Here are some quilt tips (things I would have done differently).

  • Starch your fabric before you cut it. My white fabric was starched, but I forgot to starch my print fabrics. I should have taken the time to starch them as well.
  • Press the seams open. Usually, I’m a press to the side kinda of gal, but this time, I think with all of these horizontal and vertical lines, pressing open would be best.
  • If necessary, square up before you assemble the final block (before you sew the four individual units together). Don’t trim it too much!
multiple pink and green and blue quilt blocks on white wall

How to Get the Pattern

Fill out this form, and we will happily email you a copy of the pattern! You can also get the blocks directly from Riley Blake Designs.

A Few Color Scheme Ideas

Here are two additional color scheme ideas for this block. With the “faux” woven effect you could really make some fun blocks playing with shades and textures.

pink, white and orange quilt block on pink cutting mat
pink, red and orange quilt block on white table with sewing notions

Both of the blocks above are made with Riley Blake Confetti Cottons solid fabrics.

All of the Quilt Block Challenge Patterns

multiple pink and green and blue quilt blocks on white wall

Here, you can find all the quilt block challenge free block patterns shared to date! Just click to see each block and fill out the form and we will email it to you!

Are you guys playing along? Even if you decide not to make the entire quilt, all of these blocks would make adorable quilted pillows or table runners when used individually.

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