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DIY Projects to Help you Organize your Creative Space

Freshen up and organize your sewing, quilting or creative space with one of these DIY tutorials. From fabric basket sewing patterns to how to build a pegboard there’s bound to be something to help you get and stay organized this year!

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It seems the last few months that I’ve had one deadline to meet after another. I haven’t managed to get more than a few days between projects recently and my sewing room is starting to show it.

I prefer to completely “clean up” and reset after I finish a project before moving on to the next one. However, I have not done that for a while, and now I have a GIANT mess in my sewing room.

This week I began tackling the “mess.” As I was cleaning, I thought you guys might appreciate some tips to keep your sewing or creative space organized.

Since I love to sew, and I love to design projects, I’ve created quite a few DIY’s over the years to help me keep the clutter under control. You can find each one of these projects on my blog. I’ve also linked a few online tutorials from other sewing and quilting blogs that I have found helpful.

DIY's to Help You Organize your Sewing or Quilting Space

Looking for a fun project to start the year? Use one of our sewing or DIY tutorials to create something to help you keep your sewing or quilting space organized!

Each one of these projects can be found on the blog. Most of them are free tutorials. A couple are paid patterns. The benefit of a paid pattern is that it includes PAGES of instructions and is delivered to you in a way that's easy to print.

I've also linked a few other DIY's from my "blogging buddies" that I think you may find helpful as well.

Ways to Decorate your Creative Space

After you've got all your stuff organized. Why not add some fun stuff to the room as well?

All of these tutorials featured fun DIY's to help you add a bit of charm to your creative space.

Tips from other Sewing Bloggers

Here are a few sewing room organization articles from other blogs that I have found helpful.

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  1. Hi Melissa! This post came in at just the right time when I’m elbow deep in my holiday crafting blitz! I am also a messy crafter, & with laminated flooring in my crafty area, I just throw stuff on the floor – thread, sticker backing, price labels, tags, etc. I think the trash basket I have in there has some kind of forcefield over it because I throw stuff but it never makes it in! The biggest problem is in doing that, I DROP something I need into this abyss of thread and paper pieces. I think I’m going to try one of the embroidery hoop hanging baskets to help out. I’ve tried grocery store bags, which just seems to stick to itself, not opening or just falling off the hanging thingee I rigged. I am hoping that a manageable size hoop hanger will help. I like to move to other projects quickly, so I’m hoping this reduces my “down” time spent cleaning up. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Thank you so much for the these helpful tricks & tips, Melissa. I enjoy getting your news letter & have already put some of your tutorial patterns to good use. Love Riley Blake fabrics & I can assure you, that I’m always on the lookout for your lovely designs when I am making a purchase. Keep up the fantastic job that you do.

    May all your Christmas’s be Merry & Bright, as mine are….with the help I get from you.

    Tambra Vandal

  3. Hi Melissa, I have been reading your blog (?) And emails and am finally saying I really appreciate all you do for us. Thanks for sharing your know-how and tips. My fabric is on shelvers short enough that I prefer to fold them so they are vertical. That way I don’t have to fight getting one out from under the others. Thanks again!

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