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19 Adorable Apron Sewing Patterns for Kids & Adults

Aprons can be both functional AND cute! We’ve rounded up some of the most darling, easy-to-follow apron sewing patterns for kids and adults, so you’ll never have an excuse not to get in the kitchen.

Apron Sewing Patterns

A few years ago, I was on an apron making kick! I stitched up aprons to give as gifts to most of my friends and family. I’ve been toying with the idea of making another batch of aprons recently.

I’ve been searching for Apron sewing patterns and thought I’d share with you what I’ve found. If you want to learn how to sew an apron, one of these free apron patterns would be a great place to start! It’s a perfect gift idea for that hard-to-buy-for-person on your list!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow, quick-to-finish sewing project, why not try sewing an apron? They don’t require a lot of fabric and can easily be customized for any season!

I’ve broken down the list into Free Apron Sewing Patterns for Kids and Apron Patterns for Adults. Most of the kid’s sewing patterns are for small children; if you’re looking to make an older kid or tween apron, I recommend the adult apron sewing patterns.

3 Tips for Making Aprons

Before we get to the list of patterns, I thought I’d share a few apron-sewing tips and tricks with you.

ONE: Use Good Quality Fabric.

Aprons are meant to be used and will most likely be washed multiple times. Choose good quality fabric when you’re making your aprons. I recommend high thread-count cotton and cotton blends. Most fabrics you buy at quilt shops make great aprons. I also recommend using a 5/8″ seam allowance when creating an apron. Many quilters are accustomed to 1/4″ seam allowances. However, the wear and tear that an apron will likely take will require a large seam allowance.

Two: Consider Sewing with Laminated Fabrics.

Most of the apron tutorials on this list can be made from laminated (or coated cotton). The construction steps are mostly the same, with a few exceptions. If you’ve never sewn laminated fabrics, check out this post with Tips and Tricks for sewing with laminated fabrics. Laminated fabrics cut easily with scissors or a rotary cutter; working with them is very similar to working with quilting cotton, so don’t be intimidated!

Three: Use a Bias Tape Maker.

Lori Holt Bake Sale Quilt Along, Mixer block turned into a mini quilt. A cute vintage inspired mini quilt pattern

Many apron sewing patterns feature the use of bias to finish the edges. If you’ve never made bias tape before, save yourself some time (and headaches) and invest in a bias tape maker kit. This is the one I have, and I love it.

Four: Start Early

If you plan to make aprons to give as Christmas gifts (or sell at a craft show), do not wait until December to start sewing! Get a head start.

Whenever I find myself in a hurry, I leave out the little details from my projects. Things like vintage-inspired pockets, bias binding, neatly pressed waist ties, and neck straps really make a difference when you’re sewing an apron.

Five: Read the Directions Carefully

Many aprons are constructed using what seem like counter-intuitive methods. For example, the way that the waistband is attached to the apron might seem a little bit confusing at first. If you take the time to read the directions carefully before you begin sewing, you’ll be much happier with the process.

How to Sew an Apron without a Pattern

If you’d like to sew an apron without a pattern, I’ve included several free tutorials in the list. The best way to do this is to trace an apron you already have to use as a template.

Fold the existing apron in half lengthwise, and trace the shape onto 2 yards of fabric on the fold. This method works best with a little apron since you don’t need a lot of tracing paper, but you can do it with a full-size apron (like a BBQ apron, as well).

If you’d like to add pockets to the apron, you’ll need to trace those as well.

Free Apron Sewing Patterns & Tutorials for Kids & Adults

Included on the list:

  • Full Apron Patterns
  • Half Apron Patterns
  • Vintage Aprons
  • Cross Back Aprons Pattern
  • Aprons made from Laminate Fabric
  • Kids Aprons (both simple and frilly)
  • Cobbler Apron Patterns (a cobbler apron is an apron that goes over your head and ties on both sides)
  • Pioneer Apron Pattern

Some of these apron patterns may have a small fee, but I don’t mind supporting another Maker and figured you would not either. So, most of the patterns on this list are free.

21 Apron Sewing Patterns

I love a fun and frilly apron! I have made several and given them as gifts over the years. Aprons make great sewing projects for beginners since most are composed of simple seams. They are also "one size fits most," making them easier to sew than other apparel patterns.

Kids Apron Patterns

There are few things cuter than aprons for kids! When my kids were younger, they used to love to help me in the kitchen. All of these sewing tutorials are sized and designed for little ones.

Apron Sewing Patterns for Adults

Learn how to make an apron with these simple Apron sewing tutorials and patterns. These patterns are great for older kids or adults.


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